White peoples'/Europeans' success

Brainwashing in Norway (part 1)
It’s pretty long and consisting of many parts. But I strongly recommend you to watch its all parts. I don’t under what this guy is getting at :confused:

My question is:
Do you think that white peoples’/Europeans’ success is because they have cultural superiority “in their genes”? Then please explain why it was the ancient Mesopotamian and other Middle Eastern people that originated civilization while “white people” lived like animals. (I am unable to cite Middle Eastern originated civilization. The reason that I mentioned it was I hear it too frequently)

Please inform me about the existence or non-existence of genetic superiority. After having scanned all sources on the internet that I could find, to me it seems like there is no consensus about it.

The gold standard for proving a genetic link is to find actual genes which transmit characteristics. Thus far these genes have not been found in humans with regards to intelligence beyond those that create developmental disabilities.

And while one can’t make the case for cultural superiority simply due to advanced culture any more than one can make the case for the “noble savage”, it is true that up until the 18th Century, many parts of the middle east were as civilized or moreso than the Europeans. For instance, the West looked down at the Islamic world mostly due to their religous differences, whereas the Islamic middle east looked down on the Europeans for their lack of culture (as well as religious differences to a degree).

Let’s think about what would happen if Europeans really were a genetically superior group of humans, shall we?

Since Columbus’ visit to the Americas in 1492, Europeans have been intermarrying or at least interbreeding with other peoples all over the world. I would imagine that people with no European ancestry at all would be quite rare by now, given that. It might not mean much by now if Europeans did start out genetically superior in some way, since most people would have those genes by now.

But it’s hard to argue, looking at the world in say 1400, that Europeans were somehow genetically superior to other peoples. They weren’t the most advanced people technologically then. They weren’t conquering every non-European people they encountered. Russia was still ruled by the Mongols, and the Ottoman Turks were making conquests in southeastern Europe at that time. If European success today were due to genetic superiority, you’d expect them to be on top throughout most of history, which they weren’t.

Jared Diamond’s book Guns Germs and Steel is a good one to read on this subject.

There is probably not a genetic reason in humans, but there may be a genetic reason in plants. Jared Diamond explains in *Guns, Germs, and Steel *why Mesopotamia was the first with what we would call “civilization”. They had the right climate, and the right plants growing there that were more prone to be adopted to cultivation (e.g. wheat). They happen to to be first on the scene with settled living conditions and growing crops. When trade brought these crops and settled lifestyles to Europe, they became settled (civilized), too, due to the advantages of settled living versus hunter-gatherer living.

If you look at the actual videos the scientist he talks with say that Jamaicans are more likely to have the gene that makes them good at sprinting and that Ashkenazi Jews are likely to be genetically more likely to be very intelligent.
The one scientist who talks about the intelligence of races says that Northern Asian have the highest intelligence among the different racial groups. There is no one in the video who says that White people or europeans as a group are genetically superior at anything. The only mention of white people being superior is one lady who says that whites are culturally better at taking intelligence tests, but that the tests are meaningless.