White People's Funny Names for Children

Parent’s name their daughter Abcde. To make it worse “Abcde lives with epilepsy”. If it were capitalized, I’d assume that “Epilepsy” is her sister.

But that is not the worst part. Some asshole Southwest Air employee makes fun of the name and posts a photo of the boarding pass online https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/southwest-airlines-apologizes-employee-laughing-5-year-old-passenger-named-n941766. SW made some mealy mouthed apology, but it looks like the employee is not fired.

I’m sorry. That’s not a name. Naming your kid Ab-city or however you say it, is asking for trouble. That kid will be mocked her whole life. Inexcusable.
My middle daughter gave both her boys unusual names. I warned her. They get grief and mispronunciation constantly. It’s sad really.

If you name your kid ‘abcde’ then you deserve to get laughed at. I wouldn’t laugh at the kid though.

Reminds me of that joke (or was it a real event?) about the elementary school teacher querying her student, name Internet, how her parents chose that name. The student said she was named after the princess, you know, Princess “Marie Internet”.

Oh, and “Abcde” is, according to the story I read this morning, supposed to be pronounced as “Ab-sidy”. Well, parents; perhaps you should’ve spelled it “Absidy” instead.

None of that, though, justifies any of the crud the airline personnel pulled.

The worst part is that she is no longer first in line after Aaron joined her class.

Sorry, but it’s A-A-ron.

Sounds like a horrible portmanteau of “subsidy” and “abscess.”

In case anyone’s wondering… Hilarious.

“You done messed up, A-A-ron!”

ETA: Does anyone remember Big Bird singing “Ab-cadef-gi Juklemenop-quir Stuv-wixyzzz”? And not sure what it means…
But it’s available as a baby name!

I don’t like Nevaeh, you know heaven spelled backwards. Just dumb, and overdone.

That skit ruined the name “Aaron” for everybody.

Yep. Had the Sesame Street record album! Even after all these years, I still remember that song.

Does the picture of the boarding pass *actually *exist? Because I’ve only ever heard this name in the context of urban legends.

But it’s made Packers games much more fun. “Rodgers throws and it’s picked off!” “You done messed up, A-A-Ron!”

Me, too.

me too.

and color me surprised that white parents have just now run out of variations on Aiden, Jaden, Jayden, Braden, Braeden, Bryson, Graydon, Grayson, Kaden, Kayden, etc.

there was a case this past year where some shithead teenagers killed a guy by throwing chunks of concrete off of a freeway overpass. One of the wastes of flesh was named “Mikaydn.” Which made me think his parents should probably have been sterilized before he was conceived.

On the news tonight they said there are over 300 kids in the US named Abcde.

I did too, if you’ll count cassette in the mid 80s. They never played the episodes the various songs were from, so I don’t think I’d ever seen the video until someone embedded it from YouTube earlier today.

And also obligatory: https://www.theonion.com/most-popular-u-s-baby-names-1819586596

I saw one but can’t find it now; probably removed by TPTB.

I always thought a name like this was an urban legend, like the Lemonjello and Orangejello twins. :rolleyes:

I remember a comparable story about a boy named Blaec (pronounced “Blake”). Gee, I wonder why this kid had problems.

Her little sister is called Ella Menopy.