White sticky-strip razors: Y or N?

Supposedly these strips add some extra lubrication, but it’s kinda annoying to me.

Anyone actually like these kinds of razor blades with the white strip?

(I’m kinda annoyed right now, because I was at the grocery store, and they had sold out of every one of the regular Trac II blades, and all they had was the lubed ones.)

They don’t do anything for me.

As for lubrication, instead of “shaving gel” or “foam”, I prefer to use hair conditioner. It softens my beard, and leaves me with a closer shave. YMMV.
Well, it works for ME anyway!

Sticky strip? Slippery strip more like.
I use Gillette Good News which comes in two flavors, strip and stripless. I think I get a better shave from the stripless, they don’t do anything positive for my shave. And I have VERY sensitive skin.

I use Good News razors with the strips. The stuff is good, it is just not utilized properly on the razor.

There used to be a product called Wafer Shave, which was essentially a big chunk of the stuff that goes into the strips. Wet your beard and rub that stuff on and get a great shave. I really miss that product, but I imagine that the inventor has made a boat load of money from royalties.

I’ve never quite understood those white lubricating strips on the razor. Lubricate? Lubricate what? The stupid strip is behind the blades! If it was going to lubricate your skin for shaving, you’d think it’d be in front of the blade, right? Unless you’re supposed to stroke the same strip of skin more than once with the razor. But if you have to do that, it’s a crappy razor anyway. Lubricating strips, bah! Useless, absolutely useless.

All that is beside the fact that, if I don’t spend another 15 minutes in the shower washing all that slimy lubricant off my skin that I didn’t use anyway because it’s behind the blades, I get a rash. Not fun.

I use them, only because my favorite brand (Daisy) features them. I don’t think they do much though. Hair conditioner works great for leg shaving lubrication as well.


I actually like them and notice a considerable difference. The lube is not so much for your whiskers but to make it easier for the razor to slide along your face at the contact point. Doesn’t necessarily make for a closer shave, just a more…uhh…slippery one.

In a non scientific study (my gym) whenever they run out of the lubed razors and replace them with non-lubed, many people will walk from sink to sink trying to find one of the last remaining lubed ones.

Gillette Sensor Excel for women, or men. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that the lubey thing is there, or I break out, being that I’m allergic to metal.
I also use Skintimate shave gel with it.

I hate them. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Besides costing more, I find that the strip razors don’t last as long because they get all gunked up.


Gillette Sensor Excel. I don’t know why, but I do know that I tried the regular Sensor blades and I just prefer the Excel.

Then again, I use soap instead of lotion or shaving gel or anything and I shave down, then shave back up, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

Not surprised to see you post, thinksnow. God knows you have good reason to be an authority on razors.

No strips.
I prefer to go stripless.

Well, as far as that goes, it a Gillette Mach III.


And that, by the way, has a “lubri-smooth-strip.”


[Jaw dropping open] Oh rundog tell me you’re not sharing razors at your gym!!

It’s a health hazard. Can spread hepatitis C, apart from anything else. [making worried face] Please reconsider!


Oh no, no, no!

They’re all disposable razors. There are jars of them kept around the sink areas…hence the search for the kind you want.