White Wolf & Wizards of the Coast?

Mods, I wasn’t sure if this sort of question belonged in GQ or here, so I decided here. My apologies if I’m wrong.

Does anyone know anything about White Wolf purchasing Wizards of the Coast? A guy told me that WW bought WotC but I can’t find any Press Releases or anything about it so I’m wanting to confirm it or disprove it.

Thanks folks

WotC is owned by Hasbro, so there would likely be a well-published announcement if that were the case.

Try heading over to www.rpg.net to see what the in-the-know folks over there have to say on the matter. Needless to say, if it’s not there (try searching their message board), it hasn’t happened.

That is, after you’ve checked the appropriate WW and WotC sites of course…

I don’t believe this is the case. Hasbro owns WOTC and so far as I know they still generate a lot of profit. Maybe not compared to other divisions of Hasbro but they probably generate more income then White Wolf.


There’s a chance I’m wrong, but I’m 99.9% positive that Hasbro still owns WotC. Frankly, if one bought the other, I’d sooner believe WotC bought WW than the other way around. I just can’t imagine what would need to pass for that to be possible.

WW did not buy WotC. WW does, however, have a number of d20 products under various imprints. I suspect this is the source of what you heard. With the open game license and d20 there are a number of companies that churn out products dependent on WotC products.

The game market is very strange and if you are interested in it I suggest both rpg.net and www.indie-rpgs.com. The latter is a forum for RPGs produced and owned by their creators, which includes a discussion of marketing and distribution of RPGs.

Thanks, that probably does explain it.

And thanks to the rest of you for your input to, as I said, I was getting hearsay and I like to check my facts.

Muchas gracias