Whitehouse consults Falwell on Judicial Nominess.. WTF?!

From this article:

What the Fuck? What the fuck what the fuck? Why does Falwell’s opinion matter a rat’s ass in the judicial appointment process? Did Bush consult with the Human Rights Campaign or with the National Organization for Women? What does this half-dead old asshole have to do with anything in any of the three houses of government other than at election time (when, news flash Rove: he’s going to support whichever candidate is most conservative anyway, count on it, you don’t have to liquor him up to get his support)?

Falwell says he will not name a judicial nominee. Well, that’s mighty white o’ ya, Jerry (though he is circulating petitions asking that bipartisan and consensus nominees be stricken).

Does the White House really need Falwell’s help to be a little more idiotic and hated and divide the country just a little bit more? Are there no more CIA operatives to out so you have time to do this?

Pious fuckers. Quite alright to lie about WMDs, lie about Rove’s involvement in Plame, lie about every other damned thing that suits them, but let’s have some morality on the bench (morality meaning “thinks like we do”). I think Bush and Falwell and Rove and their ilk will ultimately do more to destroy Christianity than Muhammad ever hoped for with their “Christ Among the Spin Doctors” brand of the religion.

Piffle! Pish-tosh to your weenie liberal whining!

What this country needs is a Faith-Based Judiciary! One that will apply God’s Law to God’s Country! What we need is Old-Time Religion in the courtroom, and none of that multiculturalistic, diversity-enabling, wishy-washy coddling of unbelievers. So what if they don’t like it? Let 'em go somewhere else where their atheistic traitorous gay-hugging tolerance-spouting kind are welcome – at least till the Righteous prevail over all the world.

Do you mean someone from the Republican party has been caught pandering to the extremist right? gasp

Some might say that since Christians continue to be marginalized and disempowered in this country, fair’s fair.

I agree that Christians are being disempowered and marginalized, but I think it’s people like Jerry Falwell that are doing it.

I consult people whose opinions I don’t really care about all the time. It makes them feel good.

Why should Bush care about whether Falwell feels good?

Things are getting better.
Actually, there’s a Christian elected official now. There are evenly openly Christian people in Congress. Rumor has it that Bush himself is a Christian. Some churches have come out from underground and even announce their denomination and even advertise their services in the newspaper! (I’ll admit I miss the old days when you could go to the local high school football field and see Christians fed to wild animals, but the damned ACLU said it was a church-state violation.)

If he doesn’t Falwell won’t recommend him to the Spirit in the Sky.

Maybe Dubya is going to offer the spot to Falwell.

I hear Christians are even allowed to marry in some states, and there are buildings in many cities where they openly gather!

LOL - well that’d save me the heartbreak of seeing America yet again ignore the overwhelming evidence that things aren’t going well and voting Republican again next year, as my head would immediately explode with the force of 1,000 supernovas.

And word to Sampiro’s last comment. I too dream of an America where Christians can worship freely. Maybe we’ll even have an openly Christian president, or even 43 of them! (credit to Jon Stewart)

And by “marginalized and disempowered” I mean, of course, “After 1700 years of utter dominance in the Western World, there are still a few gorges that struggle to remain closed to their force-fed fairy tales.”

Because religious conservatives are an important Republican constituency?

I don’t believe either Bush or Falwell care if abortion is legal or not. Each of them exploits the anti-abortion sector of the population- Bush skims off the easiest votes in the world and Falwell cashes their donations. They both know that to actually overturn Roe v. Wade would not be in Bush’s political nor in Falwell’s financial interest, since it would demobilize their bases. Bush is more interested in getting the Court packed with those who will side with his cronies in big business. The delicate part for Bush is telling the right to lifers that he’s one of them, he just isn’t going to nominate someone to overturn Roe. The delicate part for Falwell is telling his flock with a straight face that if they don’t keep voting Republican, then the dirty Dems will keep Roe from being overturned.

We don’t want facts in this thread. This is obviously Divinely intended to be a faith-based thread.

Huh? He’s trying to make a show of popular support against popular candidates?

Has politics always been such a train wreck and I’ve just been too wrapped up in my own problems to notice?

This isn’t all that odd, other than the fact that this is the sort of thing that happens after Bush and his apologists whine about how they shouldn’t be held responsible for Falwell or people like him because he has no power or influence and is persona non grata.

Good heavens no. It’s always been a trainwreck to some degree, but this group really knows how to run some shit off the rails.

Please tell me this is an onion article