I think he needs to add those little icons for Digg, del.i.cious, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. to all the web pages.

And he needs to add me as a friend.

I’m drunk on exhilaration and hope but otherwise sober, and it cracked me up too.

Right away massa! Don’t beat me massa, please.

Sure it was tasteless, but if you’ve seen what passes for taste around here you’d do it too.


Cool, their privacy policy says they might “provide compilations of your comments to national leaders and other individuals participating in our efforts, without disclosing email addresses.”

I came in to post this. The very first thing he signed was this proclamation.

Am I the only one that finds the whole Proclamation thing very Hugo Chavez?

Apparently so.

Perhaps a message board debate isn’t possible, but if he’s serious about citizen participation I’d like to see him answer questions posed by the masses from time to time.

yahoo news:

The “Contact Us” page includes a space to write a short message.

Pres. Obama will be posting a weekly video address, I would think he might use that to answer questions posed by citizens.

It would be nice to see others questions also though.

Ahhh, I know it’s considered poor form to mention it here but, let’s face it… we all know that Obama is* really* Ed Zotti.

Are you trying to tell me that Ed Zotti really just got elected so that he and McCain could use the secret under ground tunnel system from the White House so that they could steal the Hope Diamond???


Getting rid of? They probably just got around to attaching the "W"s that the Clinton staffers removed. This was an administration that considered progress to be a set-back. Why would they have needed anything like computer keyboards?

Spot on. Except it wasn’t the Hope Diamond, it was
[Simon Bar Sinister]

“All the water in the WORLD!”

[/Simon Bar Sinister]

I don’t see any debate here.

Off to MPSIMS.

The first 100 days have already been in the works and there isn’t much time in the day to do mindless things. If there were such a thing, I’d be fine with Barack posting maybe once or twice. Aides can get the job done.

Only web nerds might get the significance of this, but the robots.txt file on the Bush version of the site had over 2,400 lines of rules on how search engines could access the site, which meant it was difficult for the public to go to Google, for instance, and search for information on the White House site on matters such as earmarks or 9/11.

The new robots.txt file for the Obama whitehouse.gov is 2 lines which allow every search engine to completely index every portion of the site which actually has informational content, including images.

It speaks boldly of the interest in transparency in this administration.

You can download the old robots.txt and see an explanation here and you can see the current robots.txt file on the whitehouse.gov site here.

And how many people do you think actually read those things? :dubious:

I clicked on the link to the “Pool Report” at the bottom of the site. I was hoping to see some more pics of the President-In-Stud relaxing by the pool in Hawaii.

I was a bit disappointed.