Well…I always do. So, at least one! :wink: Seriously, you don’t have to expect people to read it…it’s only there in case some bonehead decides to get all up in arms because their opinion about hybrid dwarf aliens taking over the government has been stepped on by a mod and they are howling about having their freedom of speech infringed on.


In practice, I would think any use they’d get out of it would be more along the lines of an alternative to polling for gauging approval of administration policy and responding to it than actually seeking new policies from Internet posters. Something along the lines of how his FISA decision was rankling the online communities and so he issued a statement explaining his judgment. It might affect his decisions on certain policy issues, but I doubt it’ll affect the options he considers.

That just kicks all kinds of ass!

No kidding. That’s actually really significant.

What is the function of having “disallow /includes/” in the robots.txt?

It stops robots from accessing the code files used to contain the layouts and functions of the page. Things like stylesheets, javascript files, etc. The traditional use of /includes/ is for functions, not content. So if you wanted to have a javascript calendar, or calculator, it would live in /incudes/ and be accessible to your other pages.

Assuming Obama’s team only uses it for the traditional purposes, the denial of robots to access /includes/ doesn’t bother me any.


Here’s some examples of Obama’s include directory stuff. You wouldn’t want to see that stuff in search results.

Thank you, Mtgman and Rolken. That’s really cool.

Please look again, and consider moving it back.


No updates at all today, despite some significant stuff taking place.

It seems to take half a day for updates to appear. Maybe they’ll get faster as everyone settles in.

President Obama’s first video weekly video address is up on whitehouse.gov and discusses, among many other things, a new Web site that is launching called Recovery.gov

My son and I were squee-happy over the video address. Man, do I love the internets!