Obama's Transition website

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(CNN) – Barack Obama launched the official government Web site for the presidential transition on Thursday, giving it a look and feel that suggests the new president will utilize the Internet to a much greater degree than his predecessor.
Website here:

That picture makes him look even more Presidential than he already does.

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“President-Elect Barack Obama” :smiley:

This is one of the biggest reasons I love Barack Obama and was anxious to see him elected as President. I think this is awesome.

Did George Bush even know what the Internet is?

I sent him an email of congratulations!

I’ve never done anything like that.

I’m sure he’ll have lots of time to read it. It must be one of only… a million? :slight_smile:

Hell, I clicked on the ‘jobs’ button and applied. Chief of Staff is taken, but I think there are some good positions still unfilled. I watched West Wing, I know how to do this.

It is a very well done site. The only drawback is that for all the talk in the campaign and his campaign site of working with the gay community the search function brings no results under the words gay, homosexual or LGBT. I’m hoping it’s a temporary oversight.

The site looks to me to still be under a lot of construction. However, I think it’d be a great idea for you to go to the page on Civil Rights and click the button to “Submit your ideas” and tell them to put gay rights on their agenda. I’ll do it, too. If enough of us tell the Obama administration that they need to prioritize this issue, perhaps they’ll do so more readily.

Ok, I just submitted the following:

*There is a check list and a request to mark what issue is most important to you, or fill in a box with something that’s not listed there. I filled in the box with, ‘Gay Rights’.

Already did. :slight_smile:

Good. Let’s tell everyone we know to do the same!

(See my message above, which I edited after you posted)

So cool. This makes me want to learn and be involved. IMHO, that’s the sign of a true leader.

Hey, xanthous, I tried to PM you earlier to see if you’re feeling better, but you seem to have PMs turned off. I do hope you’re getting well!

I wish I could figure out the PM thing. I didn’t know I could turn it off/on—must look into that!

I’m still at about 50%, but I was in the mood to cook today, which must mean I’m thinking about getting better! My election celebration is still on hold until I’m feeling well enough to raise a stein to our president-elect! Many thanks to you for checking on me!

p.s. Just enabled PMs! Amazing what I can find by looking around!

Here’s my contribution:

So, how many submissions a day can I make before I fall into the “crank” category? Does it matter if they’re all on different subjects?

For what it’s worth, I also applied on the site.

Well, kind of. There’s a more internal site. I’e just gotta say, I may have the inside track on all you when it comes to filling that Chief of Staff position.

Oh my god, you’re Rahm Emanuel! :o

Damn him! He stole my job!