Whither these Trump associates?

I was thinking recently about people associated with Donald Trump who appear to have fallen off the radar. I’m sure there are hundreds, potentially, but here were just a few names I thought of:

Carolyn Kepcher - she was one of Trump’s, “advisors,” on the first five seasons of The Apprentice. Off-screen she was EVP and COO for Trump Golf Properties. She was let go from the Trump Org in 2006, nominally for neglecting her duties in favor of speaking engagements and such. I suspect Trump just couldn’t stand sharing any bit of fame with an intelligent woman.

I would think she could provide quite a bit of information regarding the finances of some of the golf properties, as well as having plenty of behind-the-scenes stories of taping, “The Apprentice.” Quick Googling doesn’t turn up much about recent activity.

George H. Ross - the other, “advisor,” for the first 5 seasons of The Apprentice, IRL he was EVP and senior counsel of The Trump Organization. I have to think he would have even more to say than Ms. Kepcher regarding the various machinations of the businesses. He’s done a lot of speaking and has been an adjunct professor at NYU but, like Ms. Kepcher, seems to have stayed out of the limelight.

Finally, in my mind, the big fish - Allen Weiselberg, CFO of The Trump Organization. He was famously subpoenaed as part of the Michael Cohen case, and granted limited witness immunity for his testimony. According to a ProPublica article from November, the Manhattan DA is focusing on him as part of his investigations into The Trump Organization, but that’s all that seems to be going on.

What do you think? Do you think authorities have spoken to these people, but have managed to keep everything hush-hush? Are the first two just too small in the grand scheme of things to bother with? Have they been interviewed but refuse to speak to authorities or investigators?

I’m particularly curious about Weisselberg. He has to know that if the house of cards crumbles, he’s going down with it. Do you think we’ll find out in the end that he’s turned double-agent and has been providing material to investigators? Or has he bought fully into the Trump mystique and can’t bring himself to believe that there could ever be accountability for their various misdeeds?

Yes, this all presupposes that there are misdeeds to be detailed, but c’mon.