Who appears the most in imdb's Bottom 100?

Sort of morbid curiosity here, but I was wondering which actor actress has the most appearances in movies listed in imdb’s Bottom 100 Films.

From what I’ve found so far, the leaders are Michael Winslow, George Gaynes, David Graf, G.W. Bailey and Leslie Easterbrook, for Police Academy 4,5,6 and 7 (the first three are the only ones to do all seven movies). Following close behind is Bo Derek, with three (Bolero, Tarzan, and Master of Disguise).

Any others?

After a little more searching, I see that Dan Aykroyd also has three (Crossroads, Caddyshack II and Nothing but Trouble).

Shaquille O’Neal has three if we include his appearance on Freddy Got Fingered. The other two are: Kazaam, Steel,

I’m surprised Hulk Hogan only appears once.