Who are my Paleo peeps??? (Keto kooks, get in here too)

I’ve adhered to a Paleo diet off and on for several years, but finally adopted it full time a few months ago. I had been plumping up a l’il bit in my 40’s, and finally decided that I no likey being chubby. I’m on the taller side, so I’d been told I wore it well, but I still felt lousy… not like my old self.

Anyway, Paleo’s been terrific, and not at all difficult to sustain. I’ve retrained my brain to be repulsed by the thought of eating carbs. Took a little while, but there’s just no arguing with the results. My doctor loves me.

So’s here’s a thread to share your Paleo (and/or Keto) experiences, food ideas and tips for handling social situations… Thanksgiving, for example.

I’ll be alone this Thanksgiving so I’ll have have no trouble at all, but truthfully, I wouldn’t have any trouble even if I were attending a family dinner. Reason? I have no problem telling people “No”. Just stick to the meats and veggies, and most folks won’t even notice. But if they do push the breads and pies on you, just politely decline. If they keep pushing, I push I harder. “I said 'No”, don’t ask me again or this will get really awkward for you." :eek:

How 'bout some Paleo side dishes? My favorite is roasted whole mushrooms. Drizzle with a little olive oil, and sprinkle with Kosher salt. Hell, go nuts and have a sweet potato.

Jump in… what y’all got??

Wow, nobody else?

I’ve been low-carb going on 10 years now, and am predominantly Paleo (the exception being when I’m peaking on Powerlifting, I’ll eat peanut m&m’s in the sauna afterwards to replenish glycogen).

My girlfriend is keto, and we’re making baked cauliflower with heavy cream, parmesan and bacon, a couple of thick ribeye steaks, bacon-wrapped baked carrots, and a duck for Thanksgiving.

It’s always treated me well - I typically have more energy than other folks in my age bracket, and look ripped even when I’ve been slacking in the gym.

It does make work lunches and happy hours a little more difficult - new people generally ask why I’m not drinking or am eating only meat dishes, but it’s never a big thing. And my doctor wishes everyone had my blood pressure!

Atta boy…

Oh, this is diet thing…

takes dinosaur books and goes home

So, lots of starchy root vegetables and grains?

I’m not paleo, but the meat is the best part of any feast. I’m surprised people hassle you about it.

(And I’m not going to become paleo, because the one body part I am most worried about is my kidneys.)

Here are my own personal principles when it comes to eating.

[li]Don’t base your diet on an ideology. That’s nonsense. Food is fuel and it’s flavour. Enjoy it. Ideologies set stupid rules that may be confusing, contradictory, or harmful.[/li][li]Eat whatever the hell you want. It’s your body, if it makes you feel better, consume it.[/li][li]If you want to eat something that is not on the usual menu, sure. Go for it. You’re the only one who should care, and if that’s what you want to eat, then do it. There is no “wrong” if you want to have it.[/li][li]Don’t ignore your health. You’ll know if what you’re doing is harmful, so if you feel like it is going to cause health problems, then don’t do it.[/li][li]Ignore the haters.[/li][li]But don’t ignore the science. And make sure it’s actual genuine science.[/li][/ul]

There’s a simple rule for what paleolithic people ate. What they ate was whatever the heck they could get their hands on that didn’t eat them first. Any health benefits from their lifestyle would have come from chasing down the mammoth and spearing it to death before they could eat.

I’ ve been on a sort of Keto diet for the last four months and I’m loving it.
Here in Peru basically all dishes have rice and/or potato, so going away from that has caused some pain.
Any diet that includes bacon, eggs, and avocado instead of steam chicken breasts and whole grain cereal in aces in my book.