Who are our current "Abe Vigodas"? (people you might be surprised to learn are still alive)

I was surprised to see that Dabney Coleman (89) is still alive. I was really surprised to see that musician John Mayall (88) is still alive.

Wow, that’s enough of them to make a Taxi reunion show. Do it, NBC.

Sid Krofft (born July 30, 1929) and Marty Krofft (born April 9, 1937)

Clu Gulager (born November 16, 1928)
I mostly know him from Return Of The Living Dead but he was in a huge assload of stuff.

I think I had them in my SDMB Celebrity Death Pool list back in 2006. Every couple years since then I’ve been checking to see if they’re dead yet, and am always amazed to learn that they aren’t. So if they ever do pass way unnoticed by the Doper crowd, you’ll probably hear the news from me sooner or later.

She just passed away:

Wow, and I thought Dougie Slocombe was one of the oldest Hollywood behind-the-scenes guys when he died at 103.

I just learned that Doc Severinsen is still alive at age 94.

Watching that old short film reminded me of how everyone on the early years of the show expected Garrett Morris would be the first to die. He had a serious drug abuse problem back in the seventies . But he cleaned up and is still alive and working at 84 (and he and his wife celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this year).