Who are our current "Abe Vigodas"? (people you might be surprised to learn are still alive)

For many years. Abe Vigoda was the butt of the joke regarding shock over him still being alive. I even had the Firefox extension years ago that simply displayed his life status. He just looked so old in the Godfather. He is, alas, dead. Who are some people that kind of fill that role now? Who might some of us not realize are still living?

I’ll go first.

Willie Mays is still alive at age 89. And God bless him, a national treasure.

Christopher Lloyd.

Chuck Yeager, Henry Kissinger and Bod Dole are still alive. They were all born in 1923.

Children’s author Beverly Cleary (Henry Huggins, Beezus and Ramona, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, etc.) is 104.

Damn, I had no idea she was still alive. I still have copies of those very books (and more).

Betty White just amazes me.

Mr.Wrekker has an Aunt who’s 102.
She’s been kinda in her own world for decade or so.
She still lives at home with his younger Aunt in her 90s.

They have live-in help. But still.

Then there’s Jimmy Carter. He’s not doing so hot, though.

I hadn’t realized, either (and I, too, read a lot of her books when I was a kid), and then, a couple of years ago, I read an article about her which mentioned she was still alive. (And, according to Wikipedia, as of this writing, she still is. :slight_smile: )

I would have sworn Dick Van Dyke was no longer with us, but it seems he’s still around at age 94.

Huh, John Astin is still around, too. He’s only 90.

Until recently I thought Cedric the Entertainer had died. Apparently I had him confused with Bernie Mac, who was also in The Original Kings of Comedy. I saw part of the film not long after it came out, but don’t remember much about it.

I suspect many people are missing part of the point from the OP’s question. The Abe Vigoda meme existed because he was that character actor who looked old decades ago. He played grandfathers back when many of us were still small kids, and here we are adults turning grey ourselves and he’s still there.

So naming a bunch of old people isn’t really the game. Betty White might fit the meme best, she was playing a Golden Girl back in the frigging 80s.

Perhaps so, but the title of the thread doesn’t do the question full justice.

But, to that end, the recently-deceased Wilford Brimley played old guys since the mid '80s.

The body of the OP makes it clear though.

So far, Dr. Auschlander (Norman Lloyd) seems to be holding the record for oldest really well known person. His most recent acting role was in Trainwreck at age 100.

Also, Keith Richards is not dead yet.

I’m always surprised when I hear mention of Pope Benedict XVI. I always assumed that a pope was the pope until he died, but Benedict resigned in 2013 after holding the position for 8 years. He’s now 93.

I don’t think the intent of Mahaloth’s OP was only people who have always looked elderly.
Has Willie Mays always seemed old? I’ve never heard that before. He just seems like he’s been around forever.

How about Norman Lloyd? Here’s a picture of him in Audrey Rose - a movie that was filmed in 1976.

And, that has nearly always been the case. Benedict was the first pontiff to resign since 1415, and the first to voluntarily step down since 1294.

Ruth Buzzi. I always thought she looked old even when she was only in her 30s. She didn’t actually look old at all, but that’s a young kid’s perception. I thought the same for Lily Tomlin.

He’s a pretty good example because the person to play Gomez much after him died a long time ago(Raul Julia) while Astin is doing just fine.