Who are our current "Abe Vigodas"? (people you might be surprised to learn are still alive)

I was surprised to see that not only is Leslie Caron alive (at 91) she’s still working. Her most recent role was only two years ago.

I was watching Only Murders in the Building the other day and I turned to my wife after she came on screen and was like, “Is that… Shirley MacLaine? Is she still alive?!” I was certain she was already dead.

(yeah, I know, so does she :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Brian Murphy, who played Mr. Roper on Man About the House (the 1973 British TV series that was adapted into the American Three’s Company) is alive and kicking at 89. The other landlords from those two shows (Yootha Joyce as the British Mrs. Roper, Norman Fell and Audra Lindley as the American Mr. and Mrs. Roper, and Don Knotts as Mr. Furley) are all long dead.

I knew Norman Lear was alive, but I would not be surprised if some folks were surprised to learn he is alive, active, and is 100 years old today.

Hey, another Norman Lear related one.

Mrs FtG watches Days of Our Lives and as I was passing by with it on I stopped and asked myself: “Is that Marla Gibbs?” I checked and it was Florence from The Jeffersons. She’s 91 and has been a widow since 1973.

Other things she’s done lately include One Day at a Time, The Last O.G., and Young Sheldon.

I could have sworn that all the cast members of her generation from The Jeffersons were deceased.

Diane Rehm - once a fixture on NPR for her interview show (and notable for her shaky voice) is still kicking it at 85. She hosts a podcast!

Tom Lehrer, who I thought was long gone, is still doing the Masochism Tango at age 94.

Sadly, Larry Storch died on July 8.

Buzz Aldrin is still with us. He’s 92.

She even remarried after her husband of 50-plus years died, something that almost in itself killed her. What a woman.

I was surprised to find out yesterday that not only is Norman Lear still alive, but he’s also 100 years old.

Rachel Robinson, widow of baseball star Jackie Robinson, just turned 100.


Basketball great (but not great enough to be in the all-time top ten, according to those who know better) Bob Cousy is 93; perhaps and unusual age for both athletes and people over 6’.

June Lockhart, of Lassie and Lost in Space fame, is still with us at 97. Surprised me.

Wow, neat. Thanks. Clu Galagher would have also worked as a great factoid, but alas, he died the other day. He was 93 and I only remember him from Return of the Living Dead.

Current pope pretty much admitted he will retire soon. He’s 85

But, is anyone surprised to learn that Francis is still alive (as per the question in the OP)?

Yeah, kind of off topic, but I hadn’t heard that. Are you saying we are about to have two living former popes? When did Francis say that?

CLU GULAGER IS DEAD? And no one fucking told me??

Bobby Vinton is still alive. I had no idea.

Same with Uri Geller.

I hear Uri is a little bent over.