Who are our current "Abe Vigodas"? (people you might be surprised to learn are still alive)

Dammit, now I have an image of those two spooning stuck in my head.

So did Norman Lear.

ETA: I already mentioned that in this thread. Oh, well.

That’s bent.

This thread is almost two years old. Out of idle curiosity, I spent a couple of hours going through all the postings and identified all the celebrities that we Dopers listed here. I counted 126 people, but I could easily have overlooked a couple. Of those 126, 25 have died since being tabbed as an Abe Vigoda. (Two of them, Clu Gulager and Gene LeBell, passed away within the past two weeks.)

Here is the list of those 25 people and the year of their death:

Name Year of Death
Chuck Yeager 2020
Marge Champion 2020
Roberta McCain 2020
Larry King 2021
Betty White 2021
Beverly Cleary 2021
Bob Dole 2021
Cloris Leachman 2021
Desmond Tutu 2021
Ed Asner 2021
Gavin MacLeod 2021
George Schultz 2021
Henry Aaron 2021
Jackie Mason 2021
Jane Withers 2021
Mort Sahl 2021
Norman Lloyd 2021
Ramsey Clark 2021
Ruthie Tompson 2021
Clu Gulager 2022
Gene LeBell 2022
Larry Storch 2022
Nehemiah Persoff 2022
Scoey Mitchell 2022
Sidney Poitier 2022

And here are the 101 people who are still kicking, along with their current age. Might give you some good ideas for next year’s celebrity death pool.

Name Current Age
Al Jaffee 101
Ray Anthony 100
Norman Lear 100
Rachel Robinson 100
Henry Kissinger 99
Bob Barker 98
Eva Marie Saint 98
Dorothy Claire 97
Jimmy Carter 97
June Lockhart 97
Angela Lansbury 96
Dick Van Dyke 96
Gene Shalit 96
Mel Brooks 96
Robert Clary 96
Roger Corman 96
Shecky Greene 96
Tony Bennett 96
Barbara Rush 95
Doc Severinsen 95
Harry Belafonte 95
Pope Benedict XVI 95
William Daniels 95
Burt Bacharach 94
Dr. Ruth Westheimer 94
Tom Lehrer 94
Bob Cousy 93
Bonnie Bartlett 93
George Maharis 93
Irving Feldman 93
Joseph Hardy 93
Noam Chomsky 93
Sid Krofft 93
Berry Gordy 92
Bob Newhart 92
Buzz Aldrin 92
Gene Hackman 92
Joanne Woodward 92
John Astin 92
Vera Miles 92
Dominic Chianese 91
Hal Linden 91
James Earl Jones 91
Leslie Caron 91
Marla Gibbs 91
Mikhail Gorbachev 91
Robert Duvall 91
Sonny Rollins 91
Willie Mays 91
Barbara Bain 90
Dabney Coleman 90
Loretta Lynn 90
Bernie Kopell 89
Brian Murphy 89
Michael Caine 89
Siân Phillips 89
Annette Dionne 88
Bob Uecker 88
Cécile Dionne 88
Graham Kerr 88
John Mayall 88
Pat Boone 88
Shirley MacLaine 88
Bobby Vinton 87
Dame Judi Dench 87
Erich von Däniken 87
Maggie Smith 87
Jerry Lacy 86
Jerry Lee Lewis 86
Nancy Dussault 86
Richard Wilson 86
Ruth Buzzi 86
Woody Allen 86
Diane Rehm 85
Dick Cavett 85
Edward Fox 85
Garrett Morris 85
James Burke 85
Marty Krofft 85
Vanessa Redgrave 85
John Byner 84
Christopher Lloyd 83
Neil Sedaka 83
Rex Reed 83
Rich Little 83
George Lazenby 82
Lily Tomlin 82
Tony Roberts 82
Ann-Margret 81
Stephanie Cole 80
Ian McDiarmid 78
Terry Funk 78
Wallace Shawn 78
Diane Keaton 76
José Feliciano 76
Uri Geller 75
Brian Eno 74
Michael Hogan 73
Ric Flair 73
Jerry Lawler 72
Cedric the Entertainer 58

What I wouldn’t give to see how Gene Shalit looks at 96!

Just imagine the length of his ‘stache!!

TIL Gina Lollobrigida is 95.

Dick Vitale, age 83, is cancer free, baby!

I was surprised to learn that Edward Packard, the creator and prolific author of the Choose Your Own Adventure series of interactive fiction books, is still alive at 91. And not only that, he’s got a home-made web page with a blog that he updates daily, and has just finished writing another novel.

Ruta Lee is still with us and younger than I though at 87.

I just watched the Scrubs episode in which Dick Van Dyke guest-started as an aging doctor who couldn’t keep up with the times.

The episode aired 19 years ago, when Van Dyke was a mere 77 years old. He’s still kicking at 96.

I saw a picture of him the other day and he was going to the gym wearing a Mary Poppins T-shirt. He seems pretty awesome and a relatively good candidate to reach 100.

Speaking of Mary Poppins, songwriter Richard M. Sherman is still with us at 94.

Yes, well Glynis Johns was in that movie, and she is currently 4 years older than Mr. Sherman.

In contrast, the lad was played by Matthew Garber, who expired some 13 years after the movie’s release, at age 21, of hemorrhagic necrotizing pancreatitis – I mean, ewwww.

A recent story kind of caught me off guard: Yvon Chouinard is transferring the Patagonia company to a trust, to insure that its profits are used to further environmentalist goals.

And, I thought, is he still alive? I mean, only 83, but you would have thought he had fallen off something by now.

The infamous comedy actor Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, known to us all as “Baghdad Bob”, is living the good(-ish) life in some place like Durain or Bahbai. At only 85, he is still a pup in vigodaspeak, but it still seems a tiny bit surprising the he yet endures.

He will stand next to his casket saying,“Rumors of my death? I’m fine!”