Who are the cool kids on Twitter?

If I had a twitter account would there be a way to find popular Twitterers who live in the same place or are interested in the same subjects or do I have to know who a Twitterer is before I can follow him. For example, if I wanted to find which twitterer who is interested in bluegrass in Austin Tx had the most followers would it be easy to do so?

It’s not easy on the Twitter website itself - you have to pretty much know the exact user name to find someone with their search engine - but there are other sites like wefollow.com that maintain directories.

or search for #bluegrass #austin, that combination of hash strings will net a listing of coincident mentions of your two search items.

My favorite editorial cartoonist has a relevant comment on this twitter phenomenon.


But a lot of the good twitter people hire people to write for them. Like Obama doesn’t write his, of course it’s reasonable to expect he wouldn’t have time to do this, but it’s not so obvious always