Who are the Doper Biologists?

I definitely notice when people share my interests, so I’m curious about the other biologists on the board.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a few:

monstro, who I remember because she shares my interest in estuarine ecology.

Colibri, bird and tropical expert extraordinaire.

Darwin’s Finch, who seems to have a specialty probably in evolutionary biology (or at least a lot of knowledge in that area.)

Mouse Maven, our favorite animal husbandry technician.

CannyDan, in wildlife rehabilitation.

Who are the other SDMB biologists and what is their speciality?

Fond thanks to all of the above for excellent biological information being available on the boards! :slight_smile:

Hi wevets.
I’m about to start my 4th (and last) year as an ecology and evolutionary biology major at university. I spent the summer working as a research assistant in a lab studying the ecology and life history of Arabidopsis thaliana. Which really meant I put plants in bags and counted things. But it was still fun :smiley:

I’m not using much of it in my internet security career, and it is only a lowly BS, but my degree is in Zoology. I do what I can to stay as current as I can.

cell and molecular biology. right now working in bio-ethics and institutional animal care (not husbandry). Handle all issues of the IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) at my hospital. We don’t have many labs so they only need one person to drive the committee. Research assistant in the neurology department under a PI with a specific focuses on closed-head traumatic brain injury and ischemia

After my senior year of high school and 1st year of college I volunteered for over a year at a wild bird rehab facility. I was a Zoology major in college and was looking into wildlife biology/ecology and was also interested in marine biology but instead I went into a veterinary technology program. I’ve been a vet tech for 24 years and during that time have continued to take care of wildlife/birds that come into my work. But mostly I just work with dogs and cats, who still count as animals.

Food and industrial microbiology. Spent 15 years in and running NATA accredited labs, in private enterprise, government and independant consultancies. Been out of labs for a long time though.

Blue Kangaroo just got her Masters in some flavour of Biology. She’s not near the internetz this for a bit but I am sure she’ll chime in when she returns.

you with the face is an epidemiologist and works in public health. If you find foot-and-mouth in your hamburger, give her a call and she’ll launch an investigation.

Are you still working in wetlands, wevets?

I’m just getting ready to start my Masters in Microbiology. I’ll be playing with the cyanobacteria again.

Biology BS and biochemistry BA, followed by environmental geochemistry MS, then I took a sharp right turn into law school.

I don’t count as a biologist, though.

I’m a marine biologist, and I’m currently finishing a PhD on seaslugs.

Mmmmhhhh, seaslugs… (droool…)

BSc in Microbiology, have been doing cancer research (clinical not lab based) for just over 9 years.

I’m an environmental scientist working for State government. My emphasis right now is recycling.

I recently got my M.S. My research was in forest ecology. I want to work and earn some cash for the next couple of years, but, in the course of my master’s work, I became very interested in parasitology. (I think parasites that change the behavior of their hosts are fascinating.) I might end up in a PhD program at some point.

BS Nutrition (I don’t remember a damn thing about nutrition though!)
MS Microbiology (mostly virology, somehow I escaped knowing any bacteriology)
PhD Immunology
Postdoc Pathology

Now a working scientist in Immunology, but if I had it to do over again I’d be a chef.

Good to hear from you again, monstro - no, now I work for a marine mammal veterinary hospital doing mostly education and specimen preparation. It’s a little odd, since my work has previously been with inverts, plants, and algae, and I’ve never even taken a mammology course, but it’s temporary.

Just this past Tuesday I had a blast from the past as I met an old friend who was in town for the Ecological Society of America conference and we caught up on old wetlands friends.

Hi there! My phD is in yeast genetics and biochem. My post doc was in epigenetics and cells cycle control, and I focus mainlly on microbial genetics now.

Glad to know you!

I’m a sophomore majoring in molecular biology.

I’m finishing up a PhD in developmental psychobiology (how the brain and behavior change over development). This fall I’m going to start a postdoc involving the development and evolution of brain organization. Yay Evo-Devo!

I’m an accounts assistant. I have a degree in ‘Natural Sciences’ which had a bit of cell bio in at the beginning but is really mostly physics.

I’m only posting as it’s my intention to become a bioinformatician. The interview for the masters course is next week.