Who are the institutions of the Straight Dope Message Board?

For the purposes of this discussion, let’s omit admins and moderators. We all know how important they are in defining what the SDMB is.

Who in your opinion are the institutions of the board? Long time or memorable posters, those who really add a lot to discusions, for better or for worse, etc.

There are so many memorable and wonderful and terrible posters around here, it’s probably going to be hard to list them all, so try to keep your lists to just those who you honestly feel make the board what it is, and that it wouldn’t be the same with out them.

Feel free to include banned and deceased dopers if you would like. After all, the SDMB is the entire archive of posts and threads, not just the active community today.

For me, that list would be something along the following:

Little Nemo, Shodan, elucidator, Chronos, Ambivalid, BigT, BubbaDog, A Clockwork Melon, Nzinga, Seated, Clothahump, Mean Old Lady, Der Trihs, GusNSpot, Qadgop the Mercotan, Stranger on a Train, Snowboarder Bo, and adaher.

Note: this is not merely a list of your personal favorite dopers! Just those who really define a lot of what the SDMB is.

Guys like Stranger give detailed, factual responses in technical fields, but what’s the fun in that? The Dope at its best is about trolls, freaks, blowhards, and trainwreck threads you can’t help but read out of morbid curiosity.

Banning Diogenes was a huge mistake. The board’s entertainment value dropped and hasn’t recovered. Most potential replacements come in too hot and burn up. The ones who stick around are boring, like adaher and FXMastermind. Plus they tend to be one trick ponies. Diogenes was a polymath at being a stubborn jackass over the most ridiculous topics. And he knew how to push everyone’s buttons. It was beautiful. We salute you, Dio.

A better question might be: Who on the Straight Dope Message Board might most benefit by being Institutionalized ?

Sampiro, Skald the Rhymer, Shodan, Bricker, Diogenes…

Meanoldlady, DiosaBellisima and Nzinga, Seated, form the vocal witty slam down women posters group;

WhyNot, Lamia, Dangermom, and Manda Jo, among others, form the helpful wise women group.

Me, I just post how the Dutch do it, and I link to how-to books on Amazon.

Assuming most aren’t already posting from the institution.

John Mace, Brainglutton and Tamerlane, should be on the list somewhere.

brickbacon, even sven, and monstro too…

…basically any regular poster who joined before 2008 is a SDMB institution for me…

A true objective measure is required. Clearly, anyone with 10,000+ posts is an institution. Someone with, say, 9,999 posts on the other hand is clearly a pathetic wanker.

<check’s ftg’s profile>
Well done.

My moment in the Sun!
I sadly miss QED.

Exapno Mapcase
There are so many that it almost seems wrong to single any out.

Realised after reading yours that I didn’t include any women. I’d add even sven and WhyNot to my list.

Trying to goad him into one more post?

Bah… It is “quality” not “quantity”. :smiley:

So says the slacker with 637 posts…

Unfortunately, ftg will now no longer post on the SDMB.

Yes, he will. Then he can Renew on Carousel.

Stranger on a Train, Skald the Rhymer, Sampiro, and Chronos come to mind, but I am a relative newbie only having been here since 2010. I am certain that there are others I am missing.

Vinyl Turnip – I’ve opened so many threads just because I’ve seen that name and wanted to see the inevitable witticism. Never been disappointed.

Shot From Guns – the undisputed heavyweight queen of multi-quotes in The Pit. I occasionally mixed her up with GusNSpot if I was scanning too quickly, but boy do they have different worldviews!

QtheM and WhyNot in anything medical.

PLUS: Scald, Shodan, Bricker, Dio, Opal, Lynn Bodoni, Quasimodem, Clothahump, flatlined …

I don’t know about institutions but I think Eve should be listed somewhere.