Who are the Seperatists the Repubic is fighting?

In the Ep II trailer Senator Palphatine mentions using his emergency powers to raise an army to fight the separatists. Who are they? I’m a bit confused as to who the ‘bad guys’ are in Ep II. Are they the Sith? Or influneced by them? Or what?

When you watch the movie, I’m sure you’ll find out ;).


Well . . . you could wait until you see the movie, I suppose.

But briefly:

The “separatists” are the same people that are always eliminated in the rise of any dictatorship. The artists, the visionaries, the philosophers, the progressives, the democrats and republicans . . . IOW, a “separatist” is anyone Palpatine feels to be a threat to his rule.

The “bad guys” are the same as in the last movie. Darth Sidious, his servants and armies, and his totalitarian dreams. As to precisely who his armies might be comprised of, one might make some wild guesses based on, oh, the title of the movie.

Remember, according to Yoda and Windu fron the first movie there are only two Sith at any time, so it’s not like there are Sith armies to be had. Presumably Darth Sidious has found a new apprentice with the death of Darth Maul. And that’s as far as I’ll go on that topic. :wink:

I don’t normally do posts on spelling but you gotta admit that it’s funny seeing repubic coming from a guy with a username like Incubus. :smiley:

Yeah, but the screenplay and novelization make explicit who they are, at least the ones who Palpatine is (or pretends to be) immediately concerned with:The Trade Federation, the Commerce Guild and the Corporate Alliance–IOW, “Big Business.” And Palpatine is playing both ends against the middle–having his apprentice lure the “seperatists” into preparing to wage war on the Republic, and himself convincing the Republic to pre-emptively create a Clone Army and attack the seperatists. And catching the Jedi in the middle as instigators, too.

Too cool. I’d missed that one. many thanks, Phil.