Star wars ep 3 - what's up with the seperatists? (Spoilers)

I don’t really understand the political plot of episode 1-3.

What is it the seperatists want? Do they want simply to gain independence from the republic? If that is the case, why do they attack planets?

What does the viceroy expect to gain from his actions? What about count Dooku?

What is really the difference between the seperatists and the rebels?

Hope someone can help.

I think the Separatist movement’s official “premise” is that the Republic is corrupt and they are trying to break away from the Republic. As to why they attack planets? I guess they attack the ones that are “Republic” planets – because in Episode III there’s the full-scale war going on.

The viceroy is just a whiny little pawn. I don’t know what he wants to gain, other than more power for his own Trade Federation. Dooku, however, doesn’t really believe in the official Separatist premise, because remember, he is in cahoots with Palpatine (established at the end of Ep. II). He’s the other Sith – and I think Dooku just thinks that helping Palpatine turn the Republic upside down and form an empire will give him more power, too. Dooku just wants more Sith power, and he’s helping his master achieve it. Little does he know that Palpatine is setting him up to be whacked by a bigger better potential Sith apprentice (Anakin).

The separatists are a movement formed by Dooku under a false premise to help Palpatine achieve his evil Sith objective – turning the Republic into his own empire. The rebels are a movement that forms after the establishment of the empire, to attempt to fight back against it – probably to restore the republic form of government, if possible.

The Separatists seem to be people in charge of non-governmental organizations of some sort…trade guilds, labor unions, business cartels. It seems to me that they think their organizations are getting a raw deal from the planetary governments, and wish to deal with them from a more advantageous business position. Darth Sidious was offering them that; that’s what the viceroy hoped to gain, but as we now know was just using them. Dooku, of course, was Sidious’s apprentice, and so expected to rule at Sidious’s side, and/or replace him when he dies (possibly by Dooku’s own hand).

The Rebels are different from these “Separatists” because they were using violence not in lieu of negotiation, but in the absence of any avenue of negotiation (i.e., they were dealing with a governmental body which they had no voice in).

The Rebel Alliance arose long after the Empire showed it’s true colors. By Luke Skywalker’s time, it’s obvious to all that the Empire is a dictatorship. The last gasp of even pretending to be anything other than power for power’s sake ended when the Senate was dissolved and the Death Star murdered the entire population of Alderaan.

BTW: I’d always thought that as long as it was necessary to put on a good show of rebelling, Dooku was at least toying with the idea of overthrowing Palpatine and the Republic directly if the war went in favor of the Seperatists. Sort of a plan B.

IIRC, they said somewhere that prior to The Separatists’ attack on Coruscant, the Republic had managed to confine most of the fighting to the Outer Rim territories. I think it was in the Clone Wars cartoons. If we take this as canon, then it suggests that the Outer Rim is where support for the Seperatists was strongest. I suspect that there was a fairly widespread sentiment in the Outer Rim that their concerns were being ignored in the Senate, and that they’d do better on their own. Furthermore, I suspect that a sizeable percentage of the Rebels had Seperatist sentiments twenty years ago. The difference is that by the time of Episode IV, the government had given up any pretense of representing the will of the people, so the only thing left to do was to try and overthrow it.

Yeah, all the politics in the PT is very weak tea. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

The Separatists are sort of like the big business of the galaxy-think big oil cartels, monnopolies, trusts, that sort of thing. They don’t like having to deal with Republic regulations and laws, and want to run things their way.

Yes, but they’re so, so STUPID! I mean, look at that conversation between Darth Sidious and the Viceroy in Ep. III:

Viceroy: Duh, we come and join you, duh, gonna have big party, duh!
Sidious: [Menacing Voice:] No! Remain where you are, and my apprentice will come and… take care of you. Mwahahaha!
Viceroy: Well that sounds completely above-board and not in the least threatening! I’m certain that there is no possible meaning of “take care of you” rather than the straightforward one! Yes indeedy! twiddles thumbs