Who are these two Preacher characters?

Here’s the cover to Preacher #56, showing most (all?) of the characters.

I’ve read the entire Preacher run several times, but there are still two I cannot identify. The first one is near the bottom, between Spaceman and Cindy. The little impy guy with weird eyes. First, I thought it was Odin Quincannon, but he’s nearby, just below Spaceman.

The second one is the lady with the dog, to the right of Lorie and Johnny Wombat.

Who are these two?

I don’t have my issues in front of me, but could she be one of the regulars from Jesse’s mom’s place in Salvation … the one who would go home with whoever had been nicest to her that evening?

As to the impy guy… at first I thought Gramma, but I* think* that’s supposed to be her up there next to T.C. even though she’s got too much hair (unless that’s supposed to be the vampire that bit Cassidy). Then I thought maybe Eisenstein, the creepy wrinkly dude with the attack dog and the Russian … or maybe that’s him over there behind Inbred Messiah. Maybe it’s the “strung out and eating rats” version of Cassidy…?

Cora? It could be her, but this lady looks a lot nicer than Cora, and I don’t remember Cora having a dog.

Eisenstein wasn’t bald, but it could be Grandma… but she doesn’t look much like herself.

It’s an uncharacteristically nice looking Cora, holding up Jesse’s dog, Skeeter. The nearly bald headed woman at the bottom, between Salvation’s short-haired sherriff Cindy and Jesse’s daddy’s army buddy (his name escapes me. Somebody help me out!), is indeed Marie L’Angelle, aka Grandma – a few feet away from her nephew, the All-Father Daronique. She’s so low because of the wheelchair.

Confirmed that it’s most likely The Thing What Bit Proinsias Cassidy just above the angel and the demon that sired Genesis, as well as Eisenstein on the other side of the cover by The Devil and the Inbred Messiah.

Spaceman. I mentioned it earlier. His real name escapes me too, so let’s open up the old trade paperback… ah, Billy Baker. I doubt it’s mentioned more than once, when he introduces himself to Jesse in the airport bar.

Oh… that’s Spaceman. I gotcha! Thanks. My own PREACHER trades are in the basement somewhere… possibly in my “Garth Ennis” shortbox.