Who are you getting spam from?

Have you paid any attention to some of the from names in your spam folder?
I’m not talking about spam from people like Porsche Raley or Marcia Bush (even is Ms Bush is trying to improve my sexual desire) no I am talking about those from names that make you go WTF? Names like:
**Snowflake C. Kleptomaniac ** Is this a thief or a forcast?

**Snaffled E. Definitions ** I have probably snaffled a few definitions in my time.

**Indolence B. Abrasives ** Ole Indolence just rubs me the wrong way.

**Idealistically K. Spahn ** They misspelled sapm.

**Disorganizing L. Sizzled ** My sizzle isn’t diorganized, I guess his is

**Riesling A. Turpin ** It’s a wine! no it’s a tortoise! Wait, you’re both right!

**Flinching T. Ceasefire ** I would flinch before the ceasefire, no after.

**Distrusted G. Polymaths ** If I buy from this guy, I will double check what I get charged.

**Relationship D. Mourner ** I believe that this is a woman that has a hard time getting over her last boyfriend.

Niebuhr C. Immediately I want my Niebuhr and I want it now!

So who have you gotten spam from? post them here.

Most of my spam is either foreign, with weight on Russian spam. And the rest seems to be bad typos of various… dare I say, disgusting acts on females? The senders seem to be mostly gibberish. Interesting when you go through the folder looking for patterns though.

I have no idea who sends me spam… I use gmail.

I’ve since deleted it, but I got one a while back from Harbinger Caliph. That definitely sounds like a name to pay attention to.

Right now in my trash bin there’s an ad from Duncan Pena, which sounds like the perfect porno name.

And Monty, quit send me mail offering “better sex more sperm”. I respect you as a poster, but I’m just not ready to take our relationship to that level.

So do I look at the menu on the left, next to the bottom just above trash. You mihgt want to check it every once and a while sometimes Gmail screws up and puts a valid message there.

For a while, I was getting the <random word> <initial> <random word> spams. They’ve mostly subsided; now I’m getting a shitload of "A <random word> message from <proper name>.

A couple of years ago I was getting a lot in assorted Asian character sets, but now it seems to be mostly in Russian, though a few pill-hawkin’ standbys remain in English. Even the advance-fee-fraud messages seem to have died down.

WTF are these spammers thinking, I mean, seriously? Russian? How the heck am I goign to take the bait if I can’t read it?

Hotmail Member Services. :rolleyes:

Here’s my favorite:

Thyroid S. Barking

I’ve been inundated with Russian(or, at least, I think that it’s Russian, it looks like it’s in Cyrillic).

Here’s a few sitting in my bulk mailbox right now:

Interviewers H. Moloch
Headlight R. Moating
Aatami Splawn
Holcomb M. Alhambra
Chanel Elfreda

My favorite recent spammers are Looney Carla (sounds like the deranged ghost who comes and kills you in the night in a summer camp urban legend) and Mae Mays.

Got one today from Ramakrishna Narayan Reddy.

I am not making these up.
Haha Muahahaha
特種最新号 I can’t read it, but I have to assume it has some variation of “fart” in it…hehehe.


I don’t get any spam from anybody. If you aren’t on my list, you can’t send me any e-mail. Thank you Comcast!

I just cleaned out my spam box today. Here’s who was in it:

**Regenerates L. Motorcycle
Explosive A. Adjuster
Pris Gentner
Aurelien Surett
Virgie Jaramillo **

I have over 30 messages today from SEIZED REAL ESTATE and about 20 from BE A VIDEO GAME TESTER . I won’t open them to see the real addresses what Karma brings me these guys?

This is a list I’ve compiled over several weeks:

Detrimental K. Unpredictability
Poppins Q. Pitman
Flail A. Commemorate
Beetle D. Cannonade
Tote A. Transiency
Intimation T. Reorganized
Mescaline G. Alabamian
Reckoning F. Angularities
Subscribers C. Cicatrice
Palau V. Socialism
Actuality O. Disinfect
Scarcity M. Spitefulness
Bright J. Teetotal
Backsliders I. Peppercorn
Sterner I. Outspreading
Stencilling A. Whim
Marrakesh E. Systematically
Diner R. Sprinkled
Inconveniencing S. Inflicts
Lag H. Sunup
Tamerlane I. Snub
Portraiture C. Kitten
Vivace Q. Technology
Trapped E; Magneto
Theses B. Overactive
Complicating T. Depriving
Specified A. Draperies
Ass V. Squares
Waddles D. Rapidity
Radical G. Reverse
Engorged U. Pauperized
Uninitiated C. Reside
Blacklisted H. Casualness
Hummocks O. Immorality
Saudi P. Swerved
Soaking Q. Colonizing
Penetrated R Retractions
Arachnid Q. Landowner
Glutus P. Propel
Flubbing O. Boysenberries
Putty J. Whooshes
Travis E. Hellenism
Fire M. Corset
Ramshackle U. Bridegroom
Nowadays Q. Munificence
Contentedness L. Compromising
Farted H. Corrugate
Revelations F. Chanukah
Dedekind B. Equanimity
Klingon D. Leavening