Weird spam sender names

Anyone noticed how absolutely bizarre some spammers “names” are? Here are just a few from my inbox this morning:

Colorfully O. Evaporation
Intervention K. Grilles
Augustine Harley
Staccato D. Constraining
Bindery D. Quested
Hometowns E. Decal
Kareem Crockett
Bowdlerizes M. Paralyzed
Muzzle C. Cutups
Editorialized M. Entrenchment
Beard R. Nereid

Some of them sound like potential Googlewhacks.

So, what are your weird spam sender names?

I love these names, they’re all so cheerful somehow.

Clay T. Opportunity
Parkman Q. Cancan
Ruminations H. Fulcrom

You got somethin’ against cutsie weird names? :dubious: :slight_smile:

I know I have more, but here are a few:



ones that look like they came from other people here at work
ones that look like they came from me

Angelina Holie

and today, Elliot Gould!!!

Some of these names remind me of the odd names used by Groucho Marx and W.C. Fields in some of their movies.

I can certainly imagine W.C. Fields as a cantankerous but loveable Muzzle C. Cutups. And wouldn’d Groucho make a great Intervention K. Grilles?

Even the ones that could pass for real names are always seem just a bit off.
Wouldn’t you know it, I’ve only got one spam in my inbox purporting to be from a person (unless you count glurge from my BIL), and it’s from “Leanna Quintero,” which I guess is pretty normal.

Just from this week:

Gizem Horne
Matha Margherita
Somerled Durham

I am naming my next pet Parkman Q. Cancan. Or possibly a child, if I have one of those first.

I don’t get much spam, and what I do get always goes to my “special” email account I use when I sign up for something that I think might spam me.

A friend of mine, however, got one from “Ordure H. Dispirited”. That’s about perfect.

Belittling K. Portcullis mailed me today. included in his sureal spam monitor-avoiding screed contained this gem “The modern little red riding hood, reared on singing commercials, has no objections to being eaten by the wolf.”

Oh! I got this one at work and I wrote it down because it made me feel so happy. But I didn’t open the spam:

Anticipation F. Affix

It’s so pretty.

These have been cheap entertainment at work lately. My all-time favorite, which I just got on Thursday, is:

Slinky F. Bathmats


Ooo, ooh, I got another today that just might beat out “Bathmats”:

Fungus J. Rectum

:smiley: :smiley:

I’m glad this thread is here - I just today received my favorite so far.

Lusitania H. Pepsin

Excreting C. Patchiness

I seem to get a lot of stuff in my Hotmail box from Tiberius Maximus.

Somebody took computers back to ancient Rome, I see.

Sweet! I have received an e-mail from Porno H. Generosity. This worthy wishes to apprise me of “Lveoly carootn hero in perrevt action.” Oh Porno H, truly your last name is generousity!

Actually, my spam filter tags these surprisingly easily–they are almost always sent straight to the Junk Mail folder. Although just now, one from Honer L. Servants just got through. (Honer L. Servants, by the way, is apparently “seexy.” So now you know.)

Well, today I received a personalized invitation from Goobers T. Goldfinch. :smiley:

I don’t remember the name (I’ve just deleted it), but the subject was Re: Married Werhos setrctehd by huge dick.

Werhos? What, we have were-ho’s now? They turn tricks when the moon is full?

Backpack A. Heyerdahl
Tumbleweeds U. Shareholders
Reid B. Gangliest