Who are your favorite Major League Baseball teams?

With the start of the baseball season the question to ask naturally is who are your favorite Major League Baseball teams. You can enter more than one team. If you don’t like baseball, please go away as I’m not interested in your opinion. :smiley:

The Royals are very temproarily, like before the start of every baseball season, tied for first!

Well I didn’t vote because I don’t really watch - but Dad was a Pirates fan and so I usually keep an eye on their scores. As far as I can tell, they almost never win.

66 years in the Detroit area. Going to hundreds of games and taking my kid to them . Attending many playoff and World Series games. I can not give them up now. When they were losing 100 a year, i did not follow quite so closely though.

Dodgers are my favorite. My next favorite is “anything but the Yankees”, but alas, that wasn’t an option.

I love watching baseball.

I picked the Arizona Diamondbacks, obviously.

I also follow the Oakland A’s, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, and Florida Marlins. Time for me to sign up for the MLB online package again.

Reds tied with Red Sox in 1st place early on. I’m surprised.

Why in Babe Ruth’s name is this a multiple choice poll? You can only have ONE favorite team. I demand this thread be closed!

As the creator of this thread, I hereby acknowledge that leaving out that option was a terrible by me. My apologies.

Tigers (childhood team/until I left MI at 26 team) and D-Backs (home team for the last 3 seasons)

Cardinal nation checking in.

You’re aware that the correct answer for this poll, and any other time anyone ever asks you, is the Tigers, right?

I grew up in MA and have the Red Sox in my blood, no matter where life has taken me since.

There are a couple of teams I have soft spots for, for one reason or another - the White Sox, the Cubs, the Padres - but I only voted for the Sox because there is a big gap before you get to my 2nd favorite. My list kind of looks like this:

Red Sox


ChiSox, Cubbies, Padres

other MLB teams


serial killers

Satan and his minions

NY Yankees

The Twins are my AL team and the Brewers my NL team.
But since I mostly watch the AL central I also like the Tigers and WhiteSox.

Yankees are my team with Cubs being a distant second. Red Sox are the team I hate the most. Like many Yankees fans, I don’t actually care about the Mets much. The rivalry is mostly on their side.

Love both of my Chicago teams!!! Cub fans and Wrigley are like a friends episode… Southsiders and their fans are like a Rosanne episode…

  Hey.. the 102 year drought ends THIS YEAR!!!

Born in Western NY, but moved to Red Sox Nation (New England Chapter) when I was 7. That pretty much makes me bred, if not born, a Sox fan.

If you were born in Western NY you shouldn’t have any reason to be born a Red Sox fan. We’re Mets fans up here. With a smattering of Yankees, Indians, Orioles, Twins and Blue Jays as well.

But since you moved to Red Sox Nation so young, it makes sense.

O’s. Grew up with them. Can’t ever see myself switching to the Nationals, even though I’ve lived in/around DC my whole life. Not gonna switch allegiances just because they transplanted a crappy team from Montreal.

I know the feeling. I wish we had the power to cast negative votes. If we could, I vow to use my powers only for Good - like driving the Yankees lower on your list.