Who came up with the "dad bods are in" thing? And is it true?

I say it must have been a man, and “no.”

Link? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I did a google on the selected phrase and there’s lots of results. Some of them claim there was a study or allude to other explanations.

I…didn’t click on any of them. I felt my question (specifically, “what is he talking about?”) had already been answered by reading the link titles. But you could google! Answers might await maybe!

Heres an example:

A woman wrote it, and It quotes some women, which adds some anecdotal data 'points, I guess, but I can’t help but thinking some influential middle agesd man came up with it, lol.

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Since when has “go ask google” become a valid response on this board? If I should ask Google, why should I bother putting up with the ads here?
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Things like this are often just the result of media/Facebook feedback loops: They’re not real, but so many people are just dumb, gullible click-wits that they start to assume a kind of reality.

Define “valid”.

According to that article, the notion seems to be “ripped guys always are obsessed with how ripped they are, so being fit but non-ripped suggests you might be interested in something other than biceps.”

It also notes that dads have a hard time having dad-bods because they’re too much work to maintain.

I googled it for you, Use the 11th synonym.

I’m too lazy to post the cites but I’ve read studies that indicate that married men have lower testosterone or at least lose testosterone at a faster rate than their same age single and divorced peers and also men whose wives are pregnant experience a lowering of testosterone, so maybe there is something to it although I doubt it’s hugely significant. Sociologically of course too I’m certain once many people get married they don’t have to snag a new partner so they let their looks slide a little bit and get pudgy.

Which dad? Because I know Dads who will be hot until the day they die, Dads who are hot just on account of being so cool, Dads who could stand to lose several dozen pounds, Dads who got a bit of a tummy, Dads who look like they’re about to give birth to twins while having superthin arms and legs…

If the phrase is intended to convey that “looking like an airbrushed model in a muscle mag’s cover isn’t considered a requirement by most women”, well, yeah; old news for women, but not really understood by guys with body issues. It’s like the thing with women being told constantly by magazines that we must hide whatever distinguishing features our moms and Nature gave us, and most guys having muuuuuuch wider tastes than the people who write women’s mags.

You might be surprised. There are a lot more dad bods out there than hard bods, so how do you convert that to money. You promote the image, and then market a shit load of clothes, attire , lifestyle.


A while back a female friend forwarded something about why dad bods are superior to the hard bodies for similar reasons that are giving in the linked article. I don’t think she was really taking it that seriously.

I think people just like to forward stuff now. It’s the equivalent of small talk around the water cooler at work.

It makes a certain degree of sense. Strength is sexy; vanity isn’t.

I read up on how kale became a super food and it was the same thing, just an advertising campaign. It works in politics too; people might repeat a party’s line while insisting advertising has no impact on them.

(Contrast with the hype about tofu or quinoa, which have actual benefits, eg high in protein. Although that’s not a big issue if you eat meat, and for some reason it’s hard to find information on which plants, if any, provide complete protein [all the required amino acids for humans].)

I’m one of the women who kind of like a dad bod. Now, if rock hard, chiseled Chris Hemsworth wanted to show me a good time (and my husband somehow wasn’t in the picture), I’d be down with that. But I like a guy that’s a little softer, more snuggly.

But at this point, it’s kind of “old news.” The dad bod thing has been a thing for years. Yep, we know now. Stop click-baiting. Stop forwarding stuff. Stop recycling old articles on slow news days.

Based on commentary from my wife, **Ashtura **and begbert2 have it right. Guys who are ripped, etc… are typically narcissists and spend more effort and concern on their own looks than on you (the woman) and the relationship. “Dad bod” guys are not so ripped, but haven’t let themselves go entirely, and are signaling that they value other things beyond their looks and ripped-ness.