Who can imitate Mutley's snicker?

From “The Wacky Races” to “Catch the Pigeon” I never got to perfect the Mutley snicker (or is it snivell?) All I can do is a rasping release of air (through saliva) in the epiglotis area, much the same way Ernie of Sesame Street laughs. But aside from the rasp, Mutley also has a high-pitched whimper that’s almost like a giggle.

I don’t really remember it. Do you have a link?

Was Mutley the dog who, when given a treat, would wrap his arms around his body and float to the ground?

Muttley snicker - voiced by Don Messick.

Just to be precise: the second show was titled “Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines,” which was set in World War I and revolved around the efforts of Dick Dastardly and his inept pilots (Muttley, Klunk, and Zilly) to prevent the patriotic Yankee Doodle Pigeon from delivering messages. The show’s theme song was “Stop That Pigeon,” which was a parody of the old jazz standard “Tiger Rag” (aka "Hold That Tiger’).

Seth MacFarlane can do a pretty decent imitation of it. There was an episode of Family Guy where Peter makes a bad pun, and Bryan (voiced by Seth, and pretty much his natural speaking voice,) did that laugh/snicker and was wearing a scarf and aviator goggles like Muttley.


Having listened to the sample, I’d describe it as a wheezing snicker.

I can do a (IMO) passable impersonation of it.

Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars most surely can: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am915MRR0_g

That was Snuffles, from the Quickdraw McGraw Show. He loved him some do-o-oggy biscuit! (The forerunner of Scooby snacks.)

Thanks, Prof! And he he is!

I can do it only when I have a cold. However, I can say, “HHHippo HHHHHurricane HHHHollar!” even when I’m not congested.

I can do a pretty good “Hey Hey Hey!” like fat albert does. Does that count for anything?

Yes, but it’s nowhere near as generally useful as my absolutely perfect Bullwinkle one.

You have no idea how often saying “This time, for sure!” in Bullwinkle’s voice comes in handy.