Who could the Democrats nominate as a Trump equivalent?

So, in your opinion, who could the Democrats nominate to run for President in 2016 as a mirror-image of Donald Trump?

Michael Moore comes to mind, but he’s not popular enough, vulgar enough, or adequately divorced from reality.

Maybe Daniel Tosh?

What would be the purpose?

Rosie O’Donnell

Dems could nominate Trump. He’d say most of the same stupid things, but would probably say how great Obama has been.

Alec Baldwin seems to have an equivalent size ego and no filter when speaking. He can be pretty damned funny, is popular and while I don’t imagine he has the funds that DT has, I bet he could get a lot of donations from Hollywood.

I also think Alec Baldwin on his worst behavior.

Rich, opinionated, successful businessperson with a liberal bent and no political experience… Oprah.

Thirding Alec Baldwin. He would eat Trump for lunch in a debate. Not sure he has quite the lefty stances that he should, but he could just suddenly adopt them all like Trump did.

No purpose. Just an exercise.

How about Sean Penn?

Successful? Amazing what you can do with only a $50,000,000 inheritance, free Ivy League education, Daddy’s Rolodex, and four bankruptcies, isn’t it? Read somewhere that he’d have come out ahead by just dumping the lot into an index fund and saving America the embarrassment.

Rosie O’Donnell and Sean Penn would be no where near as fun as Trump has been. IMHO.

Penn and Baldwin are good, and adequately wacky.

Ben Affleck has that touch of the self important crazies.

Bill Maher would make an entertaining third party candidate. He and Trump already have a history for disliking each other so there would be some great one liners for the media to report.

Hmmm. Bill Maher might be the better “equivalent”, he’d have that nasty twitter feed going a la Trump. Is he truly lefty though? Always struck me as a socially left Libertarian.

I still vote Baldwin though because I would enjoy it more.

Martin Shkreli?


Kind of a one hit wonder, no? also: Whaaaat?

Wait, how did I not think of Charlie Sheen?!

Louis C.K.