Who cuts your hair?

I have a ticklish head. I can’t help it, it’s outside my control. Thus, I always hated [del]going to[/del] getting taken to the barber growing up.

Once I was in high school and responsible for my own personal upkeep, I just stopped going and let it grow long. After graduating I just cut it all off with an electric razor, and have been continuing to do so ever since.

Who cuts your hair?

I have a great stylist who I’ve been going to for 14 years. I’ve made her promise never to retire.

I don’t spend money on stupid things. Do it myself. It’s easy and faster.

I usually go to Mastercuts, which is sort of like a salon. I don’t see the point in spending big wads of money on haircuts, since I usually just wash my hair and wave a comb in its general direction if needed.

When people ask I tell them “I cut it myself, never had a lesson. Would you believe it?” Sadly, everyone has believed it.

I usually let a barber cut my hair but sometimes I will let my step dad or me cut it when we don’t have a barber around. But these days we just let a barber do the work.

My wife cuts mine.

In one country I frequent, I go this old guy who washes and dries my hair. He is the ONLY person I found who consistently cuts my hair exactly how I like.

Here at home, there is a very attractive woman who sometimes cuts it. She has this thing where she blows on my neck while cutting. Not to sound like a perv, but it makes my knees weak.

I have a ‘stylist’. Really a good friend that has her own salon in her home. Easy peasy, nice because she gives me beer :smiley:

My daughter shaves my head bald once a week



I go to a regular old barbershop. Only $8 for a cut. I don’t think that’s too expensive.

I shave it bald every morning in the shower.

I buzz it (1/16" guide in my trimmer) weekly and I found it’s easy to shave the back of my neck evenly in the shower. I went to a stylist about two and a half years ago (I was growing a beard and wanted it trimmed nicely for my wedding), I cannot recall the last time anyone cut my hair before that. It’s been many years.

A professional cosmetologist, out of her home. Costs me $70 vs. $140 in the salon.

Me. I shave my head about every other day.

Cheap-ass barber.

The barber. Usually an Italian guy with his name on the window. Currently, it’s Vinnie.

Stylist/salon owner.

I painted her salon when she opened three years ago and we did a partial trade. I like her, she is reasonable and I still go there.