Who did Pauley Walnuts just Kill?

(Remember, I get the Sopranos a couple of years late over here. I doubt there is a need for spoiler boxes.)

In any case, in tonight’s episode Pauley Walnuts smothered a little old lady with a pillow. Who was she? Why did he kill her?

I thought I was following things pretty well up to that point.

The young actress who play Meadow certainly had a beefy part in tonight’s episode.

IIRC, she was an old lady at his mother’s rest home?

Paulie (and everyone else) is not earning like he used to, so he needs to bring in more cash. He robs the old lady’s house but she cathes him in the act. He kills her because she knows who he is and what he’s up to and he does not want to go back to prison.

Sounds like we are in the right episode. The old lady was killed in her home, but PW was rummaging under her bed (where she supposedly kept her money).

Gee, a high-ranking guy like that reduced to killing old ladies? Bad economy I guess.


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Thank you.

<< Gee, a high-ranking guy like that reduced to killing old ladies? Bad economy I guess. >>
The show is pretty regularly making comments about how these “high-ranking” folks are very small-time petty crooks. The episode you cite was perhaps the most dramatic of these, but there are several occasions where Pauly and Christopher and others engage in reprehensible behavior for small change.

Taking a page from the Donnie Brosco, which did it in probably my favorite way ever by showing the guy trying to smash open the parking meter he’d obviously lugged in from the street. Talk about hitting you over the head with the “small change” concept. hehheh

Years ago John Gotti got rear-ended by a van. He got out, beat the guy to a pulp and took his wallet. Later, the fellow was convinced not to testify.

Another Gotti story. One of his two sons was riding one of those ATV cycle things in the neighborhood. A neighbor hit the kid and killed him. A year later, while Mr & Mrs were on vacation in Florida somebody bundled the fellow into a van and he has never been seen since.

Petty thugs.

Although Pauley does look good while doing it.