Who did this 'Fly Like An Eagle' cover?

I have this cover of ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ in my head that I heard once. It’s very funky and full of tight, rich harmonies (especially in the bar where they sing “oh, there’s a solution.”

Ruled out:
Seal (good cover though)
Neville Brothers (yet another good cover)

I really, really feel like it’s Lenny Kravitz, but I can’t find him doing it.

Any takers?

Welp, if you go here: http://www.allmusic.com/search/songs/fly+like+an+eagle

You’ll find a bunch of results for that song. If you scroll down, the ones that are a cover of Steve Miller’s song should have a credit for him ("Composed by Steve Miller’)

Unfortunately you can’t click through and hear a clip so I’m not sure how it might help.

You can also use Spotify and put in the song name and see what comes up. Doing it this way doesn’t let you know which song is the Steve Miller song and which is some other band’s unrelated song by the same name. But you can click to hear it.

What about the Marshall Tucker band? They seem to be the third big act that has done it, that’s not Seal or the Neville Brothers.

Wikipedia has lots of information about songs. Were you thinking about the Vanilla Ice version?