Who did you vote for? (US Pres Primaries)

4 states have had primaries/caucuses by now, Super Tuesday is coming soon, and I’m sure some of us have voted while others will be voting soon.

So… who did you vote for, and why?

Early voting here in Tejas, I voted for Hillary.

Interesting (but probably irrelevant) tidbit: When I voted (at the library in a conservative part of town) the Democrats had 5 different groups supporting their various candidates (all for local races), the Repubs had 0 groups supporting their various candidates. I spoke to the people and asked about this, they said there was 1 Repub candidate who sent a team to wave signs, etc, but they were only there for a couple of hours this past Monday.

I voted for Clinton (no surprise there). I think, and have thought for a while (since 2008 at least ;)), that she is the best option for the Democrats (of which I am one) for President. She is left of center while being pragmatic and is known to be quite scrappy. Basically, I see her as a continuation of Obama’s second term (and if she was elected in 2008, we could have avoided the clumsiness of Obama’s first term, where he thought ‘bipartisanship’ was achievable). So, contrary to what folks may think about us Hillary voters - I voted FOR her, not against Sanders nor for concerns about electability.

Mail in voting in Illinois. Voted for Clinton. Mailed the ballot from Chicago’s financial distinct and filled it out using a pen from a well know financial services firm.

Apparently only Hillary voters care to out themselves… :wink:

You’ve got five Republicans and six Democrats that have responded to your poll.

The vast majority of us have not yet voted. I could have (early voting has started here), but I’m still undecided.

Early-voter, Texas. Hillary. Not my favoritest person ever, but she seems the most sane and rational of the bunch on either side, and a) most likely to do something relatively useful for the country while b) least likely to negatively impact my current life. Spent a significant amount of time considering Sanders, but in the end I feel he’s a just bit too old.

Early voting in Tennessee. Voted for Hillary. While I would love it if the US was more socialist, I know that Bernie wouldn’t have a chance in hell of achieving anything in today’s political climate. Hillary might not have any more luck than Obama but if she can keep the Republicans at bay for eight more years, maybe they will rethink things and get saner. Not that I’d ever want one to be president, mind you, but having them be less crazy can only be good for the country.

I won’t get a primary vote until May, and I’m sure that it will be a token effort, with the actual nominee all but selected by that point.

If I have the chance, it’ll be for the most moderate Republican candidate available, but never for one named Cruz or Trump. That’s not leaving many options even now…

Early voter. Georgia. Hillary. If Bernie gets the nomination, I’m his man.

Went to the caucus, and voted to leave after seeing the line lead outside the building and stretch around the side. I’m sure that there are some valid reasons to caucus over primaries, but the disadvantages are greater IMHO.

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Absentee ballot for Florida - I’m an expat living in Australia.
Since I’m not a declared party member, and Florida is a closed primary state, I didn’t vote for any candidate, and selected other in this poll.
There was a local referendum that I felt a little funny voting on, since I don’t reside there, but what the hell.
Had I been a registered Democrat, or if Florida were open primary, I’d have voted for Clinton.

I know someone who voted for “Uncommitted” in the Republican primary.

I’m not going to vote because given the current obstructionism, there wouldn’t be a difference between Hillary and Bernie, and I would consider voting in the GOP primary to try to steer the party toward sanity even though I don’t want them to win, but Rubio is not moderate enough to be worth it.

The Ohio primary is March 15, at which time I will almost certainly vote for Hillary.

Ditto for me … couldn’t have said it better.

Hillary. Just this morning as a matter of fact.

No one - I’m under the voting age. It’s ageism, I tell ya!

Bump for S. Tuesday voters…