Would you have voted for a different candidate who was not on the ballot in 2016?

Would you have voted for a different presidential candidate who ran in the primaries in 2016 if they were on the ballot in the general election? It doesn’t matter what party they ran under, if the candidate you voted for was still on the ballot, and some other candidate that ran in the primaries was also on the ballot, would you have changed your vote?

You can state who that is in a post if you like, but the point is to find out if you were satisfied with the choice of candidates that were on the ballot.

In retrospect? I wish Bernie had been nominated, I would have voted for him. But I don’t regret voting for Hillary, given the alternative.

Hillary would have been, at worst, a petty good president. I had no problem supporting her. But there are lots of other Democrats I would have preferred over her. And there is virtually no way I would ever vote for Trump, so this is kind of a loaded question, if we assume it’s Trump vs Someone Else.

If it were one of the other Republicans vs Hillary, she would still almost certainly get my vote. Even Kasich (the sanest one) would have enabled the Congressional Republicans, and with them in control, the need for a Democrat in the WH was determinative. I might have considered Kasich if the Dems were solidly in control of both Houses of Congress, but I still doubt it. The Republican party has gone over the edge (even pre-Trump) and I’m hesitant to give them an inch.

With Trump on the ticket I think a lot of people would have voted for Clinton even if someone else like Sanders was running 3rd party. RI is prettily solidly blue, so I would have voted for Bernie as a 3rd party candidate, but probably not if I was in a swing state.

I was looking forward to Hillary Clinton as president. I doubt I was anticipating it for as long as she was, but it had crossed my mind long before she announced her candidacy in 2008.

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Instead we ended up with a petty bad president.

I voted for Hillary ONLY because of Trump.

I would have gladly had two different choices, one for each of the major parties. Hillary Clinton has proven over the years to be a very average at best occupier of political offices, and Donald Trump, well, the less said the better.

Hillary would have been at best a pretty good president. At worst she would have been pretty damn mediocre. There is wide range for presidents to fail and her bland corporatism was unattractive to me, while her sometimes strident hawkism was worrisome.

I still had no problem supporting her given the alternative, but I was never particularly a Team Hillary guy.

Yeah, if Hillary was a candidate in Canada, she would never get my vote except to stop a Trump-like candidate here. Bernie Sander is a candidate I could see garnering support in Canada. I could hypothetically vote for Bernie Sanders. He seemed alright to me, although to be honest, I didn’t really follow him that much since I wasn’t so interested in the primaries, then the actual election.

I’d vote for her over Doug Ford :D.

I think your characterization is better, and I’ll accept your correction. I was also very concerned about her hawkishness, especially after being a bit disappointed in Obama on that issue. He turned out to be more hawkish than he campaigned, and I was certain that Hillary would be more hawkish still.

I didn’t think Biden was going to jump into the race, regardless of the death in the family. Usually, sitting Vice Presidents make their intentions quite clear well in advance. I would have considered voting for him over Clinton, but since he wasn’t in the race, I was with Clinton from day one.

The less said about Shitbag Sanders, the better. While I’m sure the Russians helped keep the conspiracy theories alive, the more I saw of Sanders, his wife, his team, and his cult, the more I despised them.

Are we positing a three-candidate race, between Clinton, Trump, and Someone Else? With our current electoral system, you really have to worry about spoilers in that case. Or is it, would we have preferred someone else over who we got?

There are a lot of other Democrats that I know I would have preferred over Clinton, and a lot more that I probably would have preferred if I knew more about them. My first choice would have been former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer (except that he was rather emphatic about not wanting the job), and I also know I preferred Biden, Gore, and Sanders, off the top of my head.

And I would have preferred nearly any breathing Homo sapiens over Trump.

You realize Trump got so much free media and encouragement with the hope that’d he be a spoiler in the Republican primaries. Funny how that worked out.

Assuming a head to head race to skip issues of strategic voting in a three-way race:

On the Democratic side, I preferred Webb and possibly O’Malley to either of the candidates that got nominations.

On the GOP side, I preferred Kasich and Bush to both choices we got.

Hilarious, indeed. Right out of the gate on June 16, 2015, the media completely undermined the ability of 63M voters to think for themselves.

They did think for themselves. What they did not do and which the so-called ‘elite’ finds so infuriating is they didn’t think how they should.

I would never vote for a 3rd party candidate. Unless the GOP drastically changes back to rationality I cannot see myself voting GOP in the near future. So, it’s the person that wins the Democratic nomination for me unless the parties drastically chance.