Would you change your 2016 vote if you could?

Let’s say you could travel back in time for the sole purpose of changing the way you voted in the 2016 presidential election. Would you? Any buyer’s remorse among Trump voters? Any Clinton voters somehow turned around on Trump? Any third-party regrets?

I voted for Mrs. Clinton and I would not change that vote.

Voted for Hillary Clinton and it was one of my happiest moments. Wouldn’t change a thing about my vote.

I would not change either my general-election vote for Clinton, nor my primary vote for Sanders. The only change I’d even consider would be crossing over to vote for Kasich in the primary, but Ohio was probably too late for that to matter, and I’d rather vote for my preferred candidate, anyway, instead of a less-bad one.

In the general election I wouldn’t change a thing because I got it right the first time.

My state was going for Clinton either way. I voted for Johnson in the hope that the Libertarian party would hit 5% of the total votes and become eligible for Federal funding and, thereby, signal to the Republican party that they were missing a decent pool of voters in that direction.

The only thing that I could do different, really, would be to write in for Richard Burr, but that seems even less likely to have proven useful in any way.

I didn’t answer the poll because I’m not American and I don’t want to throw it off. However, there is zero doubt I would have voted for Clinton, not because I think the Democrats are any good (I wouldn’t vote for Democrats over any of the parties in Canada), but Trump is just so obviously truly awful both as a person and as president. I would not regret making such a vote in the slightest.

To answer my own question, I proudly voted for Hillary and stand by my vote - not that there was any doubt as to which way California would go.

The poll hasn’t been up for very long, but I’m hoping to hear from some Trump voters; I know there are some of those here.

You will find some serious selection bias in this poll. Dopers are known to be intelligent and well-informed people.

Should have made this a public poll.


Also, I made a mistake in my poll choice. I would still have voted for Clinton, but I would have moved to Pennsylvania first. That counts as a change, right?

Of course I would still vote for Clinton over this moron who thinks the Canadians burned down the White House.

I voted for Hillary Clinton, I would not change my vote…even though, in any real sense, my vote was utterly meaningless because Connecticut.

Gee, I’m on tenterhooks to see how the poll turns out.

I voted third party; would not change. Let’s see if it does in 2020.


I was happy to vote for Hillary. She would’ve made a good president.

Trump is an incompetent Russian stooge, and I’m seriously wondering if Stein is too.

I would not change my vote but, knowing what I know now, I’d try to cast votes in multiple states. I hear there were buses.

Evan McMullin; still would do it again.

I feel bad. I waited to the afternoon and only voted for Clinton once. I should have gotten up early and voted for her a few hundred times. I had no idea that was a possibility until I was told later that people were doing it all over the country.

Looks like the overwhelming majority of people would vote the same way as they did in November 2016, which is not a comforting thought.

I’m puzzled by the choice: I voted for Clinton; I would change my vote.

Three people selected that. Which means what? They regret voting for the losing candidate they liked at the time but no longer do and wish they’d voted for the winning candidate?