Who dislikes their child so much at birth...

to give it this name? Yes, another stupid baby names thread…it’s been at least a week since the last one, right?

So yesterday I was given a list of names to put on a gift…one unusual name, with a forced pronunciation, two very basic boys names, and then the names of two girls…possibly twins, though I don’t know…Katrina and Latrina. Yep, Latrina. One letter away from latrine, and essentially pronounced the same. So, yeah, maybe they wanted a name that rhymed with her sister’s, but still…Patrina didn’t spring to mind? Even Datrina? Heck, you could go through the whole alphabet and find several that would have worked in today’s day and age, but no…you took one look at this adorable, cuddly new life, and said…“I think I’ll give her a name that essentially is the word for outhouse…yeah, that’ll teach her to give me stretch marks!” Who dislikes their child so much to do this just for the sake of rhyme? And what kind of complex (if this child is a twin or not) will she grow up with, always looking at her sister and thinking…“they gave her the pretty name, and named me after a hole in the ground to shit in”.

Why, why why??? I almost asked the customer when she came back. Almost. But I like my job, and want to keep it. Sigh.

Speaking as someone who recently has lookd for suitable yet original baby names herself,…The parents probably just didn’t know what the word meant and thought Latrina sounded like Laetitia, or something. My guess is the parents will be terribly embarrassed when they realise the meaning of the name.

My first thought was, “They named her after the hurricane?” Latrina=latrine didn’t even cross my radar. Of course, my first cup of coffee is sitting next to me waiting to cool down a touch.

Last night on TV, my teenager saw an advertising campaign for some local politician whose first name is “Menace”. You have to wonder what the parents were thinking? You also have to wonder if he’d be electable to any kind of public office. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have to say the same parents that flush babies down toilets.

Dick Spring didn’t do too badly.

It’s pronounced Men-ah-chay.


So when it comes to nicknames they’re going to be…Kate and Late?

Late? Nah, more likely L or Trina. Although given that both could go by Trina, that might turn into quite the fight (“Why do you get to go by Trina?! Your name isn’t the one that sounds like a toilet!”)

Just what Dad needs to deal with in 16 years… a teenage daugher who’s “late.”

It’s a perfectly good name, if a little odd-sounding to Western ears (mine included.)

Neither did Dick Swett.


I do wonder though just how often “latrine” is used in common parlance these days though. I’ve personally never heard it used outside the military, though admittedly that is the first thing I thought of when I saw the name “Latrina.” I just hope her last name isn’t “Crapper.”

I suppose you have equal ire for parents who name their kids “Patty”?

I hope his middle name or last name is Society, and he has a son with the same name.

I usually see the name parsed as LaTrina, and it’s not unusual in the AfAm community in my area.

Although he didn’t do so badly in life, you have to wonder what in the hell Dick Trickle’s parents were thinking.

*Making a mental note to never name my future son (should I have one) "Richard."It would be playground beating time when the kids made the connection between the diminutive “Dick” in conjuction with my last name.

We just had a reorganization here at work. One of my new coworkers is Barb Barbieri (bar bar bar, bar bar barbieri…) and another is Cliff Nokes. So close on that last one!

I once worked with a Heather Leather. That was her married name, which she chose to take.

Someone should make a baby name site that tells you the origin and meaning of names as well as how much the child will be teased if you give them that name.