Who does this guy look like?

Picture of a man, please ignore the name, selected at random for purposes of this thread.

With credit to two older threads from about this time last year:

Who does this guy remind you of?
03-27-2009, 03:45 PM
Tours d’Argent

And who does THIS guy remind you of?
03-27-2009, 04:12 PM

let’s renew the thrill of identifying either famous people most of us would know about or just those we know personally – but have a decent photo of.

To my eye, there’s more than a little resemblance to Martin Donovan but there’s somebody else merging with that image. Who?

The second picture really looks like Christopher Walken. Someone previously mentioned him. The eyes are very similar.

Christopher Walken

Nobody looks like Christopher Walken. Christopher Walken doesn’t even look like Christopher Walken.

Okay. I can accept that the OP wasn’t very specific about things. That’s not a big problem. But I was mentioning those older threads just to show that this idea of finding lookalikes is not a new one.

I don’t mind tangents. In fact, if you want to add a new face for people to decide who looks like him or her, go for it.

But the one I was really wanting to play with was the first one in the OP: This Guy (John Horn).

FWIW I started with “Creighton Horn” (a person I knew as a kid) and John’s picture was on that page. I mean, if there’s a better way to get a picture of “Some Random Dude” I’d have used it. And I’d bet some of you know where that is. :wink:

His lower face and smile remind me of a young Harrison Ford without the chin scar. At least that was my first impression.

Reminds me a little of Brendan Fraser for some reason.

I can see that – a little – but I had to cover the top part of his face to do so.

As is so often the case with “who does this random middle-aged dude look like?”, I vote for Dylan Baker. Such an everyman face.

Has Dylan Baker ever played a sympathetic character? He and Martin Donovan have that “I could go either way” vibe for me.

John Ross Bowie - although older.

You owe me a new keyboard.

This is the dude I thought resembled Christopher Walken. The last one does not remind me of anyone in particular.

This Dude

Thanks for clarifying. I see Walken a little in there. Walken is distinctive, no matter how you slice it. Couple that with the weird charcter he played in Deer Hunter and for years I was scared of the guy! Now, after so much sport has been had at his expense, with his contributions to it all, he’s one of the most endearing celebrities I know of.

Have you heard the James Lipton story involving Walken?

According to some toughs that accosted Lipton and Walken and another guy, Walken is “the coolest white dude in America!”

He looks like a white version of John Boehner

Who does? :wink:

To me, he looks like an older and heavier Ewan McGregor. The nose and ears are very similar and both have a barely perceptible cleft chin.

Excellent! Well-chosen pic, as well. I can see it easily.

James Remar

A little, maybe. I think Ewan is closer to my eye for him.