Who else feels stupid in GD?

I love reading discussions in GD. I especially like the religion and global warming threads. I read them to be entertained and hopefully to learn something.

But shit they get technical. Some of the discussions go on for 4 or 5 pages and by the time I get to page 3 I’m totally lost and have started seeing double. I struggle to make out who’s for and who’s against. The arguments get so convoluted that I’m not sure anyone is following them any more - but the discussion goes on.

This tells me I’m too stupid to follow the arguments. Anyone else feel that way or is it just me?

I would get my ass handed to me in there.

I’m so stupid I don’t even go in there.

I don’t understand half I read there. Oddly, it’s one of the reasons I love the boards. I like to listen to the grown-ups talk.

I feel stupid in there sometimes, but mostly, I think GD is incredible for two reasons:

  1. There is a precision of thought and expression that is admirable*.

  2. People really have this kind of time?

*this tips into picayune lunacy at times which can be exasperating, but fun to watch. I don’t think it would be fun to experience…

Yeah, I feel my IQ/knowledge of general topics paling in comparison when I go in there. I tend to avoid the religion ones because they tend to descend into:

Theist: God exists you immoral heathen.
Atheist: No he doesn’t you backward savage.

pretty quickly, and there’s nothing informative or entertaining about that.

I agree. One of the reasons I at least try to follow the arguments.

Exactly. It takes me long enough just to read it. If I still had to come up with a cogent argument I would never get any work done.

I know there are many more intelligent people, so I do generally try to stay out, though sometimes I’ll answer if I think I have a legitimate point. What aggravates me, and it does happen, is sometimes you’ll post a response, and it’s ignored, and then one of the “regulars” comes in and posts the same thing, and everybody notices it then. Aargh.

And I avoid the abortion ones like the plague because it is clear to me one side will never, ever convince the other. I mean, nothing anyone can say will change my mind, so how could I expect others to?

Oh, I wanted to comment on the time thing. Sometimes I see arguments going on and on and on…when it is clear that either neither side is really listening to the other, or neither side will ever be convinced. Yet people keep talking. This is especially true for things like child care, when it is not abuse, maybe just a simple matter of discipline. It goes on and on and on…and I wonder, Who cares? The kid is being raised OK, so what difference does it make to anyone that it is not being raised exactly how you’d like? what skin is it off your back? Weird.

When I was still in school, I spent a lot of time in there, and did okay, all things considered, I think.

Nowadays, I can barely read the mouse-over portion of the OP before my brain catches fire and my eyes roll up into my head.

It’s only been, like, four years. :frowning:

Every time I hear this, it baffles me. You’re saying that there is nothing that could ever change your mind? In other words, you’re saying that you’re closed-minded and unlistening. Please don’t take this personally, I’m an Anaamika fan, but I do not get how anyone could ever say this.

There is nothing of which I am so certain that my mind cannot be changed. Nothing. Saying that there is such a thing would, frankly, be an insult to myself.

Yeah… if your mind is made up about anything forever and ever then you don’t need to be in GD. Or talking, for that matter.

*Also a fan :slight_smile:

On abortion. Please read the whole paragraph for comprehension!

Nothing anyone can say will ever change my mind on abortion. I’ve had my mind changed on plenty of other things, trust me.

Funny. They spin me like a weathervane. :smiley:

Doesn’t change much. You can’t even imagine some new fact, some study, or even some startling insight that would change your mind on abortion?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as pro-choice as they come. I want abortion to be as easily accessible as is humanly possible, as safe as we can make it, and 100% legal. But I would never say that my mind cannot be changed on the matter.

Whenever I post in there, no one ever references anything I say, so I rarely bother. I don’t necessarily blame anyone for not really reading/caring about my posts, because they probably suck, but it’s still a bit of an ego drop.

I suppose there is always something. It is hard to believe, though, since I believe neither in the sanctity of life nor necessarily in the preservation of the human species. Can you imagine some new fact under those circumstances?

Wait… now I’m confused. Are you pro- or anti-?


For me, personally, it would be quite simple. Anything that showed, to a reasonable degree of conclusiveness, that an abortion ban led to better consequences than allowing abortion would be enough. I don’t believe this will ever happen, given the track record so far, but I wouldn’t close my mind to the possibility.

See, but this is exactly what I mean. Who cares? I don’t believe it will ever happen, the track record shows it won’t happen, so who cares if I do feel this way? Why do you care? Why does anyone care? Whose back am I taking skin off of with my belief? Arguing on the Internet is…less than useful.

So that’s probably the main reason I don’t participate in GD. The only time I have a genuine desire to convince people is when they are factually wrong; maybe they are telling me that atheists are trying to get religious programming banned from the airwaves. If they are saying that religious programming should be banned from the airwaves, the most I might say is a contrary opinion, perhaps answer once or twice, and then if they’re not to be convinced, drop it. It’s not really any of my business what other people believe on the Internet.

If they try to bring it to the public arena, that’s a different matter entirely.