Interesting threads you're too stupid to keep up with

Inspired by jawdirk’s free will thread.

Personally, I find a lot of topics at the SDMB fascinating, but some are simply too much to keep up with. I’d like to think I’m a fairly intelligent cat, but threads like the above make my head swim.

I try to stay out of scientific and theological debates for the same reason.

What other threads have lured you in, then staggered you with the depth of discussion?

You might notice my absence in just about ANY GD thread.

Just about any religion or politics topic (that requires, you know, actual knowledge) blows my mind.

I love reading them but rarely post because I’d only dumb down the conversation. I like to see how far I can follow along before I get utterly lost.

I have noticed though that after the first page and a half or so of these (or most any) topics, that egos start filtering into the discussion and sometimes I lose interest.