Topics you won't touch

Topics that you see here that you really want to post to, but KNOW that you’ll just fly off the handle, or get rude, or whatever… so you grit your teeth and pass… or type a response, only to delete it before you post it. Wondering, as I did this today on a thread about the LDS (and no, I’m NOT going into details). I also usually don’t post to the gun control and abortion threads, as I find that there are already many people there who are handling my side of the arguments very nicely. How about you?

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  2. Driveways/parkways

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  4. Felching

Yeah Chief, I won’t go near a

thread either.

Creationism/evolution debates.

Not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I am not a good debater, and my powers of retention are sorely lacking. I mean, I’ll read those debates, but for some reason that I’ve never been able to understand, I simply can’t retain all the information that gets posted. And if you want to actively participate in one of those debates, you have got to know your stuff.

For me, it’s all those “Oprahfied” threads about self-esteem, and hugs and accusatory “what-did-you-mean-by-such-and-such-remark.”

Usually I just want to tell them all to shut the f*ck up and get a life. But, 99 times out of 100, I’ll bite by typing fingers, roll my eyes and move on.

Good thing I’m not a moderator or there’d be a lot more closed threads then we have now.

I can’t STAND being in a thread with ChiefScott. I mean, he’s so pompous and mean and he smells like radishes…


Hi, Chiefie! :smiley:

Post parties. Most of the “Big” GD topics…Gun control, abortion, biblical interpretations, creationism…There isn’t anything original that anyone can contribute to these issues, an there’s always someone better informed and more eloquent than I to make my points (what lawoot said.)

Flirty, personal threads. Flirty & personal I get enough of IRL & don’t need ersatz online interaction. :smiley:

Ones that guy peace got involved with. He was a moron and always managed to Pitzerize a good thread. I think he’s banned now.

Pretty much I stay away from the GDebates. I dont have the energy to keep up with the debate, especially when I know that the reason they are debates is because they will continue forever w/o ever being resolved. Oh, plus I really don’t like looking stupid. Just personal preference I guess.

I also stay away from Great Debates. I get way too worked up over the topics. One topic that I debated for a long time at another MB was on whether or not you should vaccinate your children. AUGH! Never again.


I think I’ll stay away from this one! :smiley:

Just about everything (vide my post count and “Registered” date).

But’s that’s mostly out of laziness.

“feel sorry for me” threads.

I someone has a legitimate concern that they’d like other people’s opinion on then cool, I’m happy to help. But if the OP is basically “this-is-what’s-wrong-with-my-life-and-it’s-never-going-to-get-better-sigh” followed by several “cheer up” and {{{{hug}}}} posts then I often have to force myself not to blast them for being so self-absorbed by quickly running to something more entertaining.

I avoided the Heinlein is a racist fascist thread. Other people seemed to be responding to the charges adequately, and I could hardly be thought to be impartial. :slight_smile:

Post parties.
PIT pile-ons.
Most flirty threads.
Prostyletizing threads – unless I am just feeling ornery.
Cooking threads (for the good of mankind – trust me)
Pretty much everything in ATMB.

I should stay away from the race threads and fat people threads, but I don’t.

I get so pissed reading all that uninformed garbage I find that I cannot prevent myself from saying something.

I do stay away from the personal tragedy threads, not because I dislike them but because I never know what to say.

  1. Gun control
  2. Religious questions concerning keeping kosher (I am not Jewish); creationism (argued much more eloquently by Clarence Darrow) and Mormonism (not only do I not know/care much about Mormonism, but I am Catholic and know I don’t appreciate non-believers attacking my religion and its leader).
  3. bush/clinton political threads
  4. Threads about other posters (who is the cutest),
  5. and I never bother going to “the pit”.
  1. Most GD threads-- I find some of them to be absolutely fascinating, and I honestly feel really proud of the board when I read your well-written, well-reasoned posts. You can really learn stuff here. As for me, though, the GD threads I almost post to are always the ones where a debate has gotten nasty, whatever the topic, and I refrain because I don’t want to fly off the handle and look stupid just because somebody else had to start taking personal shots instead of debating an issue.

  2. Any previously interesting thread that’s degenerated into a flirt-fest, even if I’ve posted in it already. I’ve flirted a wee bit myself, but it’s frustrating when a thread gets hijacked in that manner.

  3. Agreeing with Biggirl-- I sometimes don’t know what to say in the personal tragedy threads, so while my heart goes out to people who are hurting, I usually don’t post in those.

If it looks uninteresting, I’ll stay away from it.
If it IS uninteresting, I’ll stay away from it.
If there’s some serious acrimony going on, I’ll avoid it like an aardvark does a thing an aardvark avoids.

Other than that, I’m a total postitute.

Yeah, but are you a $5, s reet co ner p ostitute?