Who else is home alone on a Friday night?

And happy about it, no less?

Raise your hands - I know you’re out there! :stuck_out_tongue:

My apologies. That’s the Bacardi and Coke speaking!

I’m here. Rhiannon8404 and the little Plankton are out at the Dinosaur Museum, leaving me here with my Scotch and reruns of The Amazing Race. And the Straight Dope.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you…

YEAH! See, that’s the kind of camaraderie I’m looking for!

We rock, don’t we?

Me. But I’m watching a stream of the Venture Brothers before I get back to work graphing twelve lines for a pH calculation.

Right here. Going through about a dozen finished video projects and sifting through three hours of raw for another project looking for the best shots. I’ve got my whiskey & water and Emeril on the tube. Ah, life after college.

I’m always home alone on Friday nights. I get up very early and work all day during the week, so by Friday night I’m exhausted and very cranky. I enjoy staying home all by my cranky self on Friday evenings, it helps me to destress from the workweek and gear up for the weekend. I get my TV on, and I especially enjoy watching The Soup at 10:00. I look forward to this alone time all week long.

I guess I’m the only one not drinking. I save that for Saturday nights, when I’m well-rested and ready to party!

I notice that the Google ads on this thread are all for liquor or liquor-related accessories.

Are they trying to tell us something?

Oh yes. Watching movies and just chillin’ and maxin’. The Family Guy Movie and Donnie Darko. :slight_smile:

Really? The only ones I’ve seen on this thread have been to help Hurricane Katrina victims via www.redcross.com.

Wait, wait - I take that back. Now I see the liquor links. I had to post for it to change.

Yeah, we could get a liquor license and start our own bar! At least, that’s the ad I’m seeing right now. What would a Doper-related bar be like? Instead of pictures of sports stars and other random crap on the wall, we’d have pictures of Einstein and Newton.

Oh, and the reading material above the urinal would be the latest reports from the Perfect Master himself.

There’s an idea!

Well, it’s Saturday morning here. But I am at home. And alone.

Well, I got both the main graph done and the graph where I blow up the area from -1 to -5. So now I just need to figure out how I turn all of that into the pH for the system. But I’m gonna do it tomorrow, cause it’s now 1 AM here and I’ve been up and either working or running errands since 7 AM.

It’s Saturday, dinner time here. My husband’s going to his 20th high school reunion tonight. I’m pregnant (so, can’t drink), have a killer cold, and didn’t feel like paying a babysitter so I could stand around with a bunch of drunk strangers. Luckily, the place they’re having it is within walking distance of our house, so my husband doesn’t even need a designated driver.

My son and I are going to cuddle up on the couch and watch the Sound of Music. How pathetic is that? But, I’m soooo looking forward to it!

It’s a rarity… but me too. Wife & kid are visiting in-laws for several days so all routines are right off.

For the next several days:[ul][li]Every meal must include at least one ribeye[/li][li]Use of Oust in bathroom is optional[/li][li]Pictures releveled after stereo volume adjustment[/li][li]Every kitchen need accomplished with use of a single fork[/li][/ul]

You had me at, “Hello”.

I’m home alone playing Magic: The Gathering online.
But I did go see Serenity earlier with friends, so it’s all good.

I was. I have a cold and I came home and went to bed. I am still feeling rather unwell and am thinking of canceling tonight’s dinner with a friend as well.

Since I work on Saturdays, I’m home alone almost every Friday night

\ :eek: / <–McCauley Caukin smilie

Home last night but not alone. Had kids with me over night and they’ll be with me all day and sleeping over again tonight. Yep, just me and them and all kid TV all day all the time… I’ve just got the SDMB for adult comapany… as it were… :slight_smile:

But on Sunday evening… I’ve got a date! :cool: