Who gave Juanita Wasserman a frog when she was a kid?

Here is the official webpage of the contest.

This particular question has been stumping the masses of greater Milwaukee for several weeks now.

This site gives the first four questions and answers to the current contest.
Who the heck is Juanita Wasserman? and more importantly who gave her a frog when she was a kid?

I think we gave this contest a go around on the boards a couple of years ago when a similarily tough question was asked.

Here is the thread. It is a seven page monster in which the SDMB actually found the answer.

Oh, the only hint they gave so far is the year (1989).

PKbites can help me with this if hes listening/reading. Lets see if we can chase this one down before the cheeseheads in Milwaukee do.

I have been following this for awhile. I remember the other thread as well. This one doesn’t seem as tough, but comes close.

This is probably better suited to MPSIMS, manhattan got a little testy last time.

Whoops, sorry manhattan, If you need to move it - by all means.
I thought it would be fun. More of a challenge than just trying to find a cite.