Who goes to Heaven? Answer revealed!

Finally! We now know who goes to Heaven. “The correct answer was…the Mormons.”**

Congratulations, pepperlandgirl!

  • No guarantee implied.
    ** South Park episode “Probably” 7/26/2000

I thought it was all dogs…

Maybe all dogs are Mormons.

What about Saddam? Or Chris, poor Chris…

Who’da known he’d end up in hell–or was it Detroit?


I went to heaven once.

But she made me go home the next morning. :wink:

Mormons or Morons?

Nah, I’ve been to Heaven, the music was good, but there was no good pizza anywhere in town. (If your in the Adams Morgan area you know what I mean)

Hey, I’ve been inside a Mormon temple, aka “the most sacred place on earth™.” Inside, they have a representation of heaven, called the “Celestial Room.”

Apparently, Mormon heaven is a white room with big mirrors and a tacky chandelier. I don’t think I’m missing out on too much.

Trip (don’t) Fall

good luck finding a beer, or a doob, or a hummer in heaven,

i think i’ll stay here

Isn’t Heaven a gay bar?

cooldude, not when I was there it wasn’t. Too many good looking young women there. Perhaps your’e thinking that because most of DC’s male population is supposedly gay?
I’m not native there, only been to the club once. Nothing special.

I thought it was called Heaven & Hell. If it’s the same club I remember. Was it near Dupont Circle? i think that’s where the one I’m thinking of was. All bright and techno-y upstairs and dark and hardcore downstairs? My memory is failing from my Army, tripping around the states period.

Maybe it was Toronto…

Heaven and Hell?
I remember that place, they used to have a kick ass 80s party on Thursday nights. Great music and people who could have fun and dance.

I went back a year later and it was a yuppiefied 80s party. The freaks couldn’t even dance to Prince. Oh dear that was a sad day.


There used to be kick ass pizza in DC. Then the great travesty that is WrapWorks moved into Dupont Circle and replaced Vesuvios. I felt like I lost a best friend. Sad sad days.

AAAAHHHH! Sonofabitch. I missed the followup to the most blasphemous South Park so far. Please don’t tell me any spoilers until I can watch the re-run Saturday.


I do, four times a year, to pick up my check and get my next assignment.

Oh, them goddamn PIZZA BLANKETS! At $2.50 a slice… God, I miss my drinkin’ days at Madam’s Organ.

Yeah, if they don’t have that kinda pizza up in Heaven, I don’t wanna go.

You couldn’t get in anyway OlentZero. It’s a well known fact that Karl Marx was a Satanic Priest, all of his followers are satanists. I’ll see you in hell. :wink: