Who Goes To The Polls On Tuesday?

Next Tuesday (Nov.4) is Election Day in several parts of the US.

Therefore, I have two questions to ask the US Dopers:

  1. Are you voting on Tuesday, and

  2. If so, than on what?

We’re voting on a town mayor and council members.

I don’t think there’s any other issues on the ballot.

Three out of the five seats on the City Council. With the recall election just a month ago, we’ll be lucky to get a 20% turnout.


City council; judges (a lawyer friend who hails from New Zealand has commented extensively—and negatively—on the practice of electing judges); a local sales tax increase for law enforcement; and a statewide ballot measure to repeal ergonomic standards (pushed by the building trades industry, with ads of tearful employers wailing “I don’t wanna lay off any of my valued employees, bit if I-841 doesn’t pass . . .”).

Oh, yes, I will be voting. And on at least one option, I guess I’ve tipped my hand.

Two city council seats
Water board
Civil Srevice Commission
School Board members
Smoking in bars
Water Project
Term Limits
Property Tax
New police station
1/2cent Sales Tax restrictions

Just day to day stuff that affects me and my wallet…

As far as I know there’s only one measure on the ballot. I’ll flip through my voter book Monday night, and I hope to heck there’s something else in there, lol. If not, why couldn’t they just stick it on the October recall ballot? Knuckleheads.

You know, Guv.

It’s time to choose between Ronnie Muskrat and that frat boy Barbour. I really think I’m gonna vote for the Green Party candidate instead, Sherman Lee Dillon.

as for Lt. Governor … three women are running. I’m prolly gonna go third-party there too (Anna Reives, Reform party): Blackmon I don’t see as being pro-business, and Tuck is a party-switcher.

There’s bunches of other races, from state offices down to sheriff. I’ve yet to read the Voter’s Guide in the paper; then I’ll make my decisions.

In my state, city officials will be chosen, so folks out in the county will not have anything to vote about. (in most cases) In my hometown, The demo guy for mayor is the son of a long-ago mayor. I first met him when he was a wee lad and his dad was mayor. His dad had married the daughter of a previous mayor. The Republican guy this year was a Democrat last year, and he switched labels to run against the obvious winner. Some folks are saying the newly-Republican guy is a sure shoo-in. Indiana politics are surrealistic sometimes.

Mayor, city council, light rail.

My city of Lakewood, Ohio has a couple of very interesting issues on the ballot this Tuesday.

Issue 47 concerns whether certain pieces of real property should be taken by eminent domain and given over to a private developer, who is planning to build an upscale shopping mall. The properties currently contain very nice houses and a run of the mill apartment building. The City government is pushing for the project and issued a report that called the houses in question “blighted”, using criteria that no rational person who wasn’t pushing for the development would use. The City contends that the development is needed to improve the City’s tax base. That may be so, but I’m against taking a person’s property for anything other than a public purpose, and a shopping mall is not a public purpose, so I’m voting no on Issue 47.

Issue 48 is a reaction to issue 47, and requires that real estate developments be put to a public vote. I’m against this measure because that’s what City Council and the Mayor are for.

I’m voting to throw out of office the current mayor and council members who voted for the development and who mis-used the word “blighted” in order to misuse eminent domain.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if there are any elections in my state this year or not. I haven’t gotten any mailings or phone calls, so I’m going to think not. I’m really interested in finding out the result of the vote in ME on casinos, though… 10,000 new jobs nearby sounds great, even if it just keeps a few mainers from taking jobs in this state. (There are people where I work who come from Portland - a hour and a half drive for a job with no benifits and no promised hours?! They must be hurting).

Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Issue 35 is about the establishment of a registry for non-married couples, whose relationships are otherwise non-legally-recognized. This is the first time in the U.S. that any community has brought this to a vote by the constituents.

If it doesn’t pass, I’m moving.

Mainly local stuff around here. The big one is for the School Board. This is our chance to get rid of the retards that are on it now, and get some NEW retards in power!

Such is life in a democracy. :wink:

Strange, no Kentucky, San Francsico, Louisiana, New Jersey, or Philadelphian Dopers have answered this- and they all have interesting races this year.

Lansing Mich. here. We have a mayoral election and one council seat open. We weren’t scheduled to have one this year, but our new govenor stole our mayor to head some committee at the state level. Payback for all that support he gave Granholm I guess. What sucks is that he was actually a good mayor, had done quite a bit for us.

So now we’ve got to pick a new mayor and council member because the council member has been filling in as mayor and he’s running.

Also, two school bond issues totalling $71 million. Our schools have great programs, but the buildings are falling apart and lack even the most basic technology that they need. I hope these pass (the last one didn’t, the fact that it was for $388 mil might have had something to do with it) otherwise the schools are screwed.

We’re electing State Senators and Delegates (what Virginia calls its lower house), also County Supervisors, Sheriff and School Board. This last is the most important to me personally, because there’s a creationist running, and I have to vote against him.

In the other races, I’d vote for the candidates who’d fully fund public transportation rather than build more roads, and allow higher-density zoning to allow urban neighborhoods to replace our suburban sprawl, but I haven’t seen anyone take that position. :frowning:

Don’t I wish they would, Neidhart.

And leave our damn farms alone!

In New York City, Tuesday’s Election includes all of the 51 City Council members, and several ballot proposals, the most important of which is to make City elections non-partisan.

Here’s a Philly doper checking in – mayor and city council are the big ones Tuesday. Apparently Street is going to stomp all over Katz – effin’ Philly, FBI investigation of the incumbent works to his advantage.

Would Hardscrabble, IN be anywhere near Ft. Wayne? That situation looks familiar.

Here we are voting on a city income tax increase to fund the city school system. If is doesn’t pass, they will have to cut all sports, after school activities, AP classes, and anything else that the state does not require. But they promise the tax will only be temporary. Yeah, right.

Just about the entire city council and the Mayor are up for election, but only two are contested, the city Law Director and one council seat. Oops, there is a contest for the city school Board of Education also.