Who Goes To The Polls On Tuesday?

Next Tuesday (Nov.4) is Election Day in several parts of the US.

Therefore, I have two questions to ask the US Dopers:

  1. Are you voting on Tuesday, and

  2. If so, than on what?

I always vote–but this Tuesday I am going to be out-of-state, looking after my Mom. Didn’t have time to apply for an out-of-state ballot, as this was all rather unexpected.

So, for once, I will not be voting–but I will have a note from my Mom!

I usually do the early voting thing, this year seemed to zip by. So I will be doing it on Tuesday.

Yep. Loudoun County is on a national watch in terms of development and land use restrictions. We even got featured in National Geographic because of it last year.

And the county council that put in place the ‘smart growth’ plan is up for reelection this year.

I’ll be there.

There’s also some statewide contests here in Virginia that I’ll be voting on right around 6AM Tuesday morning.

Thanks to the recall, I’ve already voted.

I beleive the only issue on Tuesday’s ballot here, is whether or not to reauthorize a sales tax levy in my small municipality. I will vote to reauthorize the sales tax.

In North Carolina, statewide, legislature, and county elections always (I think) fall on even years; only municipalities have elections on odd years. (It’s held true for this area for the five years we’ve been here, and I’ve never seen a newspaper listing for a county or state office election on the odd years – but it’s a big state, so possibly this is not true statewide.

Anyway, living in a rural area, our “lowest” level of government is county, so no election this year. But there’s been a lot of press on races for offices in Wake and Durham County cities and towns.

Seattle voter here. Here’s what’s at stake.