Who got married because of the Dope?

Who got married to someone on the Dope, and met that person here? I just read the sperfur/withaK thread, and I’m wondering how many other couples there are. Is it in the neighborhood of eight, a dozen, what?

Offhand, these are the married couples I can think of off the top of my head who met through the SDMB. I’m sure there are more that I’ve missed.

Anniz and Montfort
Geobabe and UncleBill
Ellenfair and lno
GingeroftheNorth and Weirddave
MsRobyn and AirmanDoors

If you want to count couples who aren’t married, there’s lots and lots more.


Demo and psycat90
Auntie Em and SkipMagic

From February 29, 2004, you can add Heloise and Coldfire to that list. :slight_smile:

Me 'n **Eutychus, ** sometime in 2005.

Whoohoo!!! Go, go, go Mr. and Ms. Clogfire!

Also, while I’m not sure they met on this board, they did meet on the 'net, and they’re both members: Sealemon and Bubble Girl (née Shanin)

I attended those nuptials.

As well I attended nuptials for Mr. Cynical and Miss Creant with a dozen or so other Dopers (are y’all still with us?).

On preview, best of luck to Perse and Euty, too!

Youre just doing that so you only have to buy an anniversary present every 4 years, yes?


Oh good heavens, I almost forgot. True Pisces and Verrain.

Gracious. You’d think I’d remember that one. Seeing as how I like, <i>actually participated in the ceremony.</i>

I’m such a bad friend.

And thanks, Ringo! You’ll be on the guest list. :wink:

Shayna and Spiny Norman also met at a DopeFest, in Amsterdam, and married later in California.

Gracias, Ringo! There was a 3 page thread on it, you know. :slight_smile:

vanilla: believe it or not, my cute wife-to-be said the following words when we decided on the date: “That way, I can only get mad at you for forgetting our wedding day once every four years”. Now, is that a keeper, or what?? :smiley:

You’re getting married on the day of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics?

Far out, that’s dedication to sport. Way to go!

Citius, Altius, Fortius, my fair man. :smiley:

As of 7 August 2004, Emofkuniv and myself can be added to the list… I wish it was tomorrow! :smiley:

Some say I got marrried because I’m a dope; others because I was on dope. But, you know what? After looking at auntie em every morning, I say that if I hadn’t married her, I would have been Da’ Dumb Dope.

As it stands, however, my decision was dope!

[sub]Everyone hold hands and say, “Awwwwwwwww!”[/sub]

Not me.

But this seems like a thread where I can make my availability known. :wink:

There’s plenty of threads where you can do just that, including one that I’m shamelessly promoting in my signature file. :cool:

There’s plenty of threads where you can do just that, including one that I’m shamelessly promoting in my signature file.


Hmm… no sig attached.

Is that what we call irony? :smiley:



As many of my doper friends can testify, I like to make lists. Here you go:

Anniz and Montfort
Auntie Em and SkipMagic
Demo and psycat90
Ellenfair and lno
Geobabe and UncleBill
GingeroftheNorth and Weirddave
MsRobyn and AirmanDoors
Shayna and Spiny Norman
sperfur and withaK
True Pisces and Verrain

Will be married soon:

Heloise and Coldfire (2/29/04)
Honeydew and Emofkuniv (8/7/04)
Persephone and Eutychus (2005)
fizzlestothetop and iampuhna (date?)

That’s 10 couples plus 4 pending. Impressive!

Who’d I miss?

**Persephone and Euty? **

Great googly moogly…where in the hell are the soap opera updates around here?

yep, count us in.