Who had (has) tall babies?

I mentioned that I have a tall baby. Well, we have friends who have a son who was born five days before my son. He is a full head taller than my boy and is solid. Totally off the charts. His parents are already anticipating that this could be rough on him, because people (strangers!) have already commented about why he isn’t walking yet. He just turned one (a few weeks ago) and is starting to take some steps, but isn’t exactly running around yet. His parents are worried that by the time he’s in school, people will be expecting him to be much more advanced than he’s developmentally ready to be, because he’s just so huge. My husband, though, is glad that these two boys will be growing up together - one outrageously huge friend never hurts.

I hate when people do that to my kids so I try hard not to pass judgement on other people’s kids development. I get all the why isn’t she walking/talking/whatever yet and then they find out how young they really are.

I must chime in with a contradictory story. A girl I know was 21-22 inches at birth, and as an 18 year-old, she is 4’11 - 5’0. As far as I know, she is very healthy (no problems that I know of that would inhibit growth). However, her mother was 5’3 and her father 5’5. She was always puzzled by her height as a newborn.

And on the other hand you have kids like my brother and I who started out big, but then weren’t when they grew up. I was 8lbs 6oz and 22" at birth, which isn’t little for a girl. By the time I was three I was far smaller than most other kids my age;I never really caught up and I’m now just under 5’4". Vynce was 10lbs 4oz and 22.5" at birth. He’s 21 and now 5’10." I know he might grow a little more, but at 27 I sure won’t. (ftr: Mom 5’2", Dad 6’2")

I was a tall baby; 22.5 inches.

Now I’m 5’5".

My side of the family tends to be really short. My father is maybe 5’10", my mother is an even five feet, and my brother is 5’8". I’m the tallest woman anyone in my family knows about; I’m 5’7", and the best guess is I got my tall gene from a great-grandfather who was around six feet even.

Airman’s family, OTOH, tends to be fairly tall. He’s around 6’2" and his father is the shortest male at 5’10". He’s got an uncle who’s 6’5".

I’m guessing that Aaron will top out between six feet to 6’2". He’ll be tall, but not extremely so.


Don’ fret, according those these stats your kid is coming along fine.

I get the age thing all the time.
People are surprised when I tell them that she is only (almost) 8 months old.
I think they expect her to be walking at least by now!

Clothes so far have not been too much of a hassle as she is proportionate. Her legs are on the long side, but that doesn’t matter with dresses or onesies.


I have this:

granted, it is 25 lbs max, but still, that little bit helps. It takes up a lot of space, but it’s worth it to me. The door jumpers noid me out. I always picture the thing snapping off. That and the fact that I do not have a doorway that would work…


I don’t know if it’s too late, but you can buy onesies extenders:


Have you tried Landsend for longer inseams? They even hem for free! IIRC, their tall stuff can have an inseam up to 36".

To the rest of you, glad to hear I am not alone! I keep thinking she’s going to end up the world’s tallest woman!

My son was 5 lbs, 10 oz and 19 1/2 inches at birth. At age 4 months, he was 15 lbs, 6 oz and 26 inches long. Its hard to predict the future at this age, but at this rate he’ll be pretty big.

That’s adorable! He’s too big for that now though :frowning: I will show that to everyone else in the family with little ones though! He’s almost walking - just has to let go of the furniture. Anything confining just irritates him these days.

I found gerber makes onesies up to a 3T. They are hard to find but they do exist!