Who had the highest post count on the temporary board?

Just thought I’d ask so we can this forum rolling again :wink:


Ooooh! Lots of new bells and whistles!

Anyways, I don’t know the specific answer, but I did notice that Lib had made 393 posts. I seem to be down about 750 or more. No matter, I’ll make up some more.

Well, it certainly wasn’t me. I don’t think I even got into the double-digits. It just wasn’t the same.

'splain for me, Palve

Since this is about the message board, I’ll move it to ATMB.

Please read the forum descriptions.

Off to ATMB

DrMatrix - GQ Moderator

That’s weird! This thread still shows in GQ, with the addition of a “Moved” in front of the thread title… Bug? Or new feature?

I think it’s a rather handy feature. Now we no longer have to check out the “Where your thread went to” threads to see what happened to those missing beauties.