Who has been a model for Estee Lauder?

I’m trying to figure out the names of all the models for Estee Lauder since the 70’s.

The ones I know of are Paulina (Mmmm, one of my first crushes!), Elizabeth Hurley, Caroline Murphy…but I don’t know if any before then.

I can’t seem to find this online, either. Anyone know the rest?


Wasn’t Isabella Rossellini one of their spokesmodels?

She was/is a model for Lancome.

Karen Graham was a model for Estee Lauder. You have good taste; she’s a very beautiful woman.

I think that might be the one I’ve been unable to pinpoint - I can’t seem to find a picture of her. Anyone able to find a picture of Karen Graham on the web? And thank you for finding that name, Medstar!


Oh! I should clarify - I’m looking for her actual modeling shots from the 80’s that were used in ads for Estee. :slight_smile:

Thank you again - you guys are good!

D’oh! That’s right. [Emily Litella]* Nevermind… *[/Emily]