Who has the best hambuger (fast food joints)

Who has the best out of the chains?

In order to be eligible, dopers in multiple states must be able to order them.

Remember, we are just talking about the burger, nothin’ else!

Note: I am told Carl’s Jr, and Hardee’s are basically the same chain. I do not know if this is true.

I’ve never been to half of those places, but I like McDonald’s the best. That’s why I voted Wendy’s.

If Five Guys was an option, that would be a game-changer.

Another vote for Five Guys. Best fries too.

I have heard of Five Guys for the first time today.

I went online for the store locator in Southern California. All the Valley options say ‘coming soon’.

A vote for moving this thread from IMHO to Cafe Society.

In-N-Out (Double-Double Animal Style) by far, with Carl’s Jr. (some variation on the Six Dollar Burger) in a distant 2nd place.

All of the places listed are better than 5 Guys.

I voted “In N Out,” but you’re missing quite a few decent chains on the list. Not that it would have changed my vote, but this poll is not complete without:

Five Guys

(and perhaps Krystal, and I’m sure somebody will point out another fast food chain or two I’m forgetting.)

Interestingly, in the Zagat survery, Five Guys beat out In N Out.

My personal top five, in order, would go: In N Out, Fatburger, Five Guys, Culver’s, and Whataburger. Of the major 3, McDonald’s and Wendy’s are tied (I admit that Wendy’s has a “better” burger, but I prefer McDonald’s for its distinct taste and nostalgia factor), and Burger King is a distant, distant third. It is my least favorite fast food hamburger.

In & Out seems to be a clear winner, but since none exist within even 600 miles of me it’ll be awhile before I get to try one.

I my opinion Smashburger or Johnny Rockets are better than any of those listed.

That was my “other” vote. Five Guys would win hands down. I always heard In and Out was the best but having both, I disagree.

I was about to click on Carl’s Jr. (probably better listed as “Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s”), until I noticed In-N-Out was on the list along with a couple of other well-known regional chains. I’m in LA, so Sonic and White Castle are “n/a”.

As mentioned above, if you’re including regional chains, there is a lot missing.

They only barely qualify as fast food, though. Smashburger kicks ass, but it’s also like 1.5x the price, and it’s a lot nicer than most fast food joints.

IIRC, originally they were not, but they merged (I believe Carls Jr. bought out Hardee’s) a few years ago.

I voted for Belly bombers at White Castle, for two reasons. I like them, and somebody had to vote for them.

:mad::mad::mad: I hate it when people start threads like this, because the burgers that people always suggest are the best are ones that are unavailable anywhere near me, and it makes me envious.
A recent Consumer Reports article seems to objectively confirm what I’ve long suspected: that when it comes to fast food, quality is inversely proportional to ubiquity. The fast food chains that are the most widespread, have the most locations, and are the most heavily advertised really are the crappiest.

Five Guys was garbage when I had it. In n Out all the way

Got to go with Flamers Grill. Oh, and I’m not a fan of 5-guys since all 3 of the ones I went to were either terrible or mediocre. (Burger was over cooked and the fries were never good. One of them didn’t even bother to cook the damn fries.)

Does 5 Guys have a drive-thru? I vote we disqualify any chain with no drive-thru.

Their high-ass prices don’t help either. I’d never eat there.

Other - Steak N Shake

In n Out is only in 5 states and they are all way out west.

Sorry, but I like Whoppers.

ETA: And I’ve heard wonderful things about Sonicburgers, but during my one visit they managed to screw up deep-fried Tater Tots with chili. I thought that was impossible.

Whataburger, with Dairy Queen a close second.