Who has the best permanent scowl?

I accidentally posted this in ATMB (under a slightly different title) when I went there for current instructions on how to add an image. Instead I’ll just include a link. And I assume this is the correct forum for this type of thing.

Who has the best perpetual scowl? Permanent sneer?

I nominate Jo Van Fleet

Any others come to mind?


Jo Van Fleet was an actor, and she didn’t always scowl. She could do a mean face, but it wasn’t permanent.

Among actors, I nominate Audrey Totter, who even in a sympathetic role (or a sympathetic moment in other roles) still had the corners of her mouth turned down, and her eyebrows up in a sort of sneer. Here’s how I think of her:

Sam the American Eagle?

Birds in general seem engineered for such expressions.

Ayatollah Khomeini.

I think we all know the answer is Grumpy Cat. RIP.

Walter Matthau always seemed grumpy-faced, even when he was smiling.

To me, he always looked cheery even when he was scowling.

In a hangdog sort of way, I suppose.

I think Kanye is getting more scowly as he gets older. I don’t know if it’s a deliberate affectation, but in some shots he looks like he’s got tennis balls stuffed in his cheeks.

John Houseman

Clint Eastwood. Whether playing a Western badass or Dirty Harry, or even his later roles. There’s a built-in aloof malice in his look that even real life villains like Dick Cheney or Vlad Putin can’t touch.

Beemo the Cat

Surely the Queen of the scowl is (was) The Queen herself (RIP)

So much so that when Eastwood smiles (“Dirty Harry” opening sequence), it’s downright scary.