Ladies, do you suffer from BRF - "Bitchy Resting Face"?

Wow… everything’s a syndrome these days.

This link has the best bitchy face pics in the world!

Bitchy Resting Face research

I Am really embarrassed, but the first thing I thought when I went to Al Jazeera’s site to get their take on Egypt, was that the general who overthrew Morsi has major BRF.

Both the men and women in the study have been misclassified. They are example of ‘neutral evil.’

I don’t think I have BRF, but I have been known to scare the living daylights out of Celting when squinting in bright sunlight.

So that’s why everyone tells me “Smile!!!”

Which I hate, BTW

Non-ladies can exhibit this as well. It’s sexist to assume that only ladies are affected by it.

The video that’s the focus of the article actually mentions this, it’s called “Resting Asshole Face” (“No, I really DO want to buy you that drink”) :stuck_out_tongue:

Good stuff.

Yes, that’s a sourpuss, and it’s been around since forever. Men, women, whatever – some gender-neutral people just have that Zoolander all the fucking time.

It’s a blessing. And a curse.

One of my coworkers suffers from this. But the fault is completely her own as she doesn’t know how to do her eyebrows correctly.

Some years ago I realized I had what I call “resting scowl face”, which I concluded was an unconscious expression of my inner crabbiness. Since then I have assiduously cultivated a better (non-crabby) outlook and tried to assume a mildly positive facial expression (slight upturn to the corners of my mouth, slight crinkle of humor in my eyes) as the default.

It seems to work, in recent years other people’s reactions to seeing me have been more likely to be a smile than to quickly move away from me.

As a result of only my personal experience, I now assume that people with faces that look like that are negative people that I probably wouldn’t want to be friends with. I could be wrong, but I’ll probably never find out.

I don’t know why there’s a gender bias. I got into trouble for this as a kid.

Mean faces seem to run in my family. It doesn’t help that I hate to wear glasses, so I squint all the time.

I have a friend with BRF. She always looks like she just walked into a real bad fart cloud.

I have a version of this - Grouchy Resting Face. I am actually kind of grouchy though, so I guess it works out alright. :slight_smile:

I recall a girl I went to high school with - she had BRF, but when I got to know her, she was a truly lovely person. She’s one of the very few people I went to high school with that I would have any interest in re-connecting with.

The first time I saw a video about this it was called “Chronic bitch face”, the newer title fits better.

This is me for certain. “You should smile more!” “I am smiling!”

Sorry people. I’ve been working on my new look for at least eight or nine years but it’s nowhere near ready. You gotta tame the beast before you let it out of its cage.

No problem man, we’ll shoot that fucker as soon as it rears it’s trendy head. I dip my bullets in Ke$ha’s spit, so it’s sure to work.

Yes, chronic pain has given me sort of frown lines between my brows that meld with my neutral face which wasn’t unpleasant but in combination I look somewhat grumpy. I combat it by trying to change my mouth position from neutral to a very slight smile.

I get that all the time.

  • Why are you so upset?
  • I’m not upset.
  • You should tell your face!

My neutral mouth position is a little frowny. So what?

I do struggle with depression, so maybe that’s coming out in my expression. If it is, though, it’s not at all conscious.